The Hoshinoya Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

The Hoshinoya Tokyo

1-9-1 Otemschi,
Tokyo, Japan

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Setting: City


Activities & Dining:
Spa, Fine Dining

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The Hoshinoya Tokyo

In every beautiful locale in every country, there is a hotel that offers personal space and time of unparalleled luxury and food and service that convey the highest level of hospitality, all infused with the local culture and natural environment. This is the experience promised by HOSHINOYA.
HOSHINOYA Tokyo lies in the city's economic center amid a landscape of buildings owned by financial and media giants. In contrast with its grand facade, the 17-story hotel offers a relaxed ambience with a sense of intimacy and surprise--qualities that are rooted in traditional Japanese hospitality. Each floor is an exclusive domain, accessible only by the guests staying there, and with a dedicated staff in place to meet their every need--as well as to maintain the elegant customs that have been honored for centuries at traditional Japanese inns known as ryokan.

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