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Vienna contradicts itself like no other city!  On one hand it is the epitome of old world charm and elegance and then all at once it is modern as can be. Wonderful baroque buildings from it's imperial past stand close to new skyscrapers designed by the world's leading architects.  If this sounds like other cities it's not, because in Vienna they have done it so well and with impeccable taste. If this were not enough of a reason to come here there are others. During the winter months all the culture you could ever hope for is available and be sure to check out the Opera House.  It is one of the finest in Europe.  In the summer it is a special experience to bike along the Danube and watch the ever changing cast of characters frolicking in the river.  There are wonderful restaurants and of course, Vienna is noted for its pastries.  They're well worth  the calories! To be sure, this is a city for all seasons.  


Dining Room
Maygasse 31
Tel. +43.1.804.8586
In a quiet residential area this much talked about restaurant delivers.  What’s unique is that it is the real dining room of a private home.  And, there are only four tables.  The owner and chef, Angelika Apfelthaler,  is the chef and she prepares each evenings meal in her immaculate open kitchen.  Home cooking at it’s best!  P.S.  The homey atmosphere includes her golden retriever.

Osterricher im Mak
Stubenring 5
Tel. +43.1.714.0121
Who ever heard of a good restaurant in a Museum?  Well this museum that has an amazing collection of Wiener Werkstatte furniture and decorative glass may not be the only reason to come here.  Star chef, Helmut Osterreicher will not disappoint and you will need reservations for the private dining room.  The large café fills up quickly.