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There is no shortage of luxury hotels in Berlin.  Here on our destintion guide we provide booking links to only the best hotels in Berlin.  Berlin has always been noted as a city that aspires to excess. As the culturual capital of Germany, there are at least 150 museums, some housed in former palatial residences or wonderful restaurants, as well as four major symphony orchestras, three opera houses and numerous chamber orchestras which perform at different venues throughout the year. However, if your cultural tastes lean toward the modern or the wild, be sure to come in July for the Love Parade, when the clubs of Berlin parade their "scene and sound." Every type of bar is represented, and plenty of love permeates the air. It's no wonder that half of the 3.4 million residents are under the age of 35.

Activities Excursions Dining Shopping Resources Nightlife  
Alte Nationalgalerie
BodestraBe 1-3 10178 Berlin-Mitte
Tel. +49 (0) 30.2090.5801
Built between 1865 and 1876 on the orders of Friedrich Wilhelm IV, designed by Friedrich August Stuler, this imposing museum is one of the five structures that make up the National Gallery. During WWII, many of the works in the museum were separated and taken to West Berlin or Russia. After a three-year closure from 1998 - 2001, the museum was restored and masterpieces reunited, creating one of the largest and riches collections of its kind in the world.

This once-bleak neighborhood of East Berlin that was dominated by tenement-style apartment buildings is now the retro-hip bohemian district. The East Side Gallery on Muhlenstrasse, located on the north bank of the Spree River, is the largest remaining section of the Berlin wall. Check out the bars and cafes along Simon-Dach Strasse.

Platz der Republik (Tiergarten)
The German Parliament Building is one of the architectural marvels of an architecturally elite city. The famous glass dome, completed in 1999 and designed by Sir Norman Foster, has quickly become one of the most recognizable monuments around. Visitors can walk to the top of the inside of the dome via a gently sloping ramp that spirals up. Graffiti from victorious WWII Russian soldiers can be found in some of the hallways.

Zoological Garden &
Hardenbergplatz 8
Tel.+49 (0) 30.254.010
Considered one of the finest zoos in the world, this is certainly worth a stop.

Mathaikirchplatz 4-6
Tel. +
No trip to Berlin would be complete without a visit to this museum for Holbeins, Rembrandts and Brueghels.

Berlinische Galerie
Alte Jakobstrasse 124-128, Kreuzberg
Tel. +49 (0) 30.7990.2600
This museum traces the history of the Berlin’s art culture since the late 19th century.  In it, you will find exhibitions of caricatures, photographs, architecture, paintings, all while tracing the currents and schools synonymous with the city.  A great place to learn about a city that has been a hub for artists for over a century now.

Deutsche Kinemathek Museum für Film und Fernsehen
Postdamer Strasse 2, Tiergarten.
Tel. +49 (0) 30.300.9030
Following the illustrious history of German film, the Deutsche Kinemathek Museum für Film und Fernsehen contains all the highlights of German cinema and the people who made them.  You can pass through a set for the classic film Metropolis, see exhibitions on the films of the Weimar Republic, and take a closer look at the works of Rainer Werner Fassbinder.  They also have a specialized bookstore featuring an extensive collection of books on German cinema.

Neues Museum
Bodenstrasse 1, Museumsinsel, Mitte.
Tel. +49 (0) 26.642.4242
This beautiful building, which remained in ruin for sixty years after World War II, was reopened in 2009 after being carefully restored by David Chipperfield.  Within the building, you will find the incredible collection of Egyptian and Prehistory artifacts that this museum is known for, including the famous bust of Nefertiti.  A must visit for those interested in ancient Egypt.

Am Kupfergraben 5, Museumsinsel, Mitte.
Tel. +49 (0) 26.642.4242
The first museum in the world to be dedicated to the architecture of the ancient world, the Pergamon gains its name from the altar from the Temple of Zeus in Pergamon, an important part of its collection.  Along with the impressive assortment of Creek and Roman works, the museum also hosts a Museum of Islamic Art and the Museum of the Ancient Near East, which includes the impressive gate of Ishtar of Babylonia.

Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin
Trebbinerstrasse 9, Kreuzberg
Tel. +49 (0) 30.902.540
Made up of many buildings, the German Museum of Technology includes a library, archives, and the Spectrum, which contains 250 demonstrations of physical phenomena.  One of the most popular museums in the city, they have frequent temporary exhibits, but they also have permanent installations including one dedicated to the inventor of the computer, Konrad Zuse, along with displays on the history of German aviation and marine navigation.  Sweeten your visit by seeing the Zucker-Museum or Museum of Sugar, the last building to make up this impressive complex.
Exclusiv Yachtcharter & Schiffahrts
Holsteiner Ufer 32
Tel.+49 30 436.668.36
Most are not aware that Berlin sits in a vast system of waterways and actually has more bridges then Venice.  There are more then a hundred miles of navigable waterways. If you have the time or want to see Berlin from a different perspective there are boat tours that take you down the Spree where you can view many of Berlin's 19th centruy architectural treasures.

Nobelhart & Schmutzig
Friedrichstrasse 218
Nordic incfluenced new German cuisine. 10 course prix fixe meal at 80 Euros.  There are 26 coounter seats facing a grand open kitchen. The
food is excellent and reservations are a must.  Try raw char filled with brown butter braised bread crumbs. 

Französische Str. 25
Tel:+49 (0) 203.75.1850/51
Gendarmenmarkt. Viennese comfort and fine regional cuisine,
supplemented by an exquisite selection of German and Austrian wines, create a
unique atmosphere in Berlin's new center. Well known for the best duck in town, it's
absolutely amazing! Walking distance from the Regent and De Rome. 

JagerstraBe 54-55
Tel. +49 (0) 30.202.9730
Innovative German food. The vegetarian dishes are highly recommended. The setting is stylish with vaulted ceilings and great lighting. A perfect dining experience.

Bocca di Bacco
Friedrichstrasse 167/168
Tel: +49 (0) 30.2067.2828
Friedrichstrasse. One of the best Italian restaurants in all of Berlin. You will
find traditional favorites as well as tasty new dishes from this celebrated kitchen. Ask
for a window seat on posh Friedrichstrasse for excellent people-watching. A short walk
from either the Regent or De Rome. Ten minutes by taxi from the Adlon. Reservations recommended.

Behrenstrasse 42
Tel: +49 (0) 30.7677.5270
Mitte. Local restaurateur Josef Laggner, looks over the Gendarmerie which is one of the most revered in town. It is hard to miss when you
walk by as the huge wood painting by Canadian artist Jean-Yves Klein attracts much attention even through the windows. The menu focuses on European and local cuisine with a little touch of Gallic gastronomy. Walking distance from the Regent and DeRome. Reservations essential.     

BergstraBe 22
Tel. +49 (0) 30.280.7121
The international menu is influenced by the cuisine of Asia, Italy, and Germany, but the food is supposed to be French. The ambiance is great and the staff friendly. Reputed to be frequented by those of the art-world.

GrolmanstraBe 52
Tel. +49 (0) 30.313.9184
It's trendy. It's got the buzz. It serves late into the evening and the food is refined but definitely robust. And you're sure to spot international clientele, including celebrities.

Grill Royal
Friedrichstrasse 105B
Tel: +49 (0)
Mitte. Chic steakhouse located on the bank of the Spree River. If the
weather is nice, try for a seat on the outdoor terrace with views of the Spree and
Pergamon. Very much a see and be seen venue and the food lives up to the hype.  

Tim Raue
Rudi-Dutschke-Strasse 26
Tel. +49 (0)

Chinese food with German influences.  Peking duck comes with waffles instead of pancakes.  Pumpking broth, a German dish, has flavors of dried ginger, mandarin, cranberry and red, black and white peppers.  The attractive dark blue and purple contemporary restaurant is a pleasure to dine in. Chef Tim Raue's love of Asian cuisine is proving to be very popular on the International dining scene 

Hotel Intercontinental
Budapester Strasse Tiergarten
Tel. +49.30.2602.1263
A chic dining room on the Intercontinental's 14th Floor, Hugo's has great views of the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column (gloriously lit at night). Try to pry your eyes from the dramatic architecture to focus on the scrumptious French-Mediterranean cuisine. Only 42 seats, so be sure to make reservations.

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44a
Tel. +49 (0)
Austrian chef Sebastian Frank brings new sensibility to German comfort food in this pretty restaurant on a leafy residential street.  The menue is divided into two parts; traditional and innovative Berlin. Has one Michelin star.

Torstrasse 173
Tel. +49 (0) 30.09.5387
This is not a fancy restaurant but the crowd is eclectic and food special.  There are only ten dishes on the menu including appetizers. The food is German-Mediterranean.  Ravioli is filled with venison. The veal spareribs and fantastic.

Lutter & Wegner
56 Charlottenstrasse Mitte
Tel. +
Lutter & Wegner is one of Berlin's most venerable wine merchants. Its cuisine highlights French, Austrian and German dishers. Prepare to sit amongst politicians, but the food to definitely worth the the tolerance.

Schiffbauerdamn 11
For res. Email
[email protected]
This underground restaurant is only open on Wednesday's and closed during the summer. It is actually in a fashionable nightclub located behind a steel door. Avant garde caterer Foodpol offer a four course dinner (38 Euros) that includes entrees like veal brain with white asparagus emulsion; hot asparagus ice cream with summer truffle and pork with white asparagus and Hollandaise.

Schlegelstrasse 26c, Edison-Hofe
Tel. +49.30.3088.1214
This two Michelin star restaurant organizes it's menu according to sensory taste.This is not a typical restaurant in Berlin but chef Daniel Achilles still manages to blend local produce and at the same time awakening your taste buds.

Gartenstrasse 9
Tel. +49 (0) 30.2175.1646
Located in the recently named NoTo (North of Torstrasse), Aplenstück has become a favorite of many for its Bavarian Alps cuisine.  The menu is by no means expansive, but offers flavorful healthy dishes such as a basic herb salad and grilled steak. Across the street from the restaurant is their new bakery, a great place for breakfast, and a specialty grocery store with goods from the Black Forest.

Katz Orange
Bergenstrasse 22, Mitte
Tel. +49 (0) 983.208.433
Decorated by quirky designs such as a ping-pong ball chandelier and tableware made of Kraft paper, Katz Orange focuses on organic ingredients with dishes that fuse Italian and German cuisine.  Try the fried Linum veal sweetbreads served with cinnamon hummus or the fregola sarda tostata with wild broccoli. Their cocktails are unique too such as Twisted Margarita or the Turkish Coffee Martini, both wonderful in their own way.

Pauly Saal
Auguststrasse 11-13, Mitte
Tel. +49 (0) 30.3300.6070
Located in a building that was formerly a school for Jewish girls, Pauly Saal has become one of the most fashionable bar-restaurants in the the city.  Along with the huge amber chandeliers and wide banquettes covered in blue velvet that decorate the place, they offer traditional Berliner dishes that came about when meat was rationed during the wars.  Though meat tends to be the less glamorous cuts, they are prepared in a delicious and contemporary way.  The bar provides excellent mixed cocktails such as the Gin-Gin Mule, Maple Fix, and the Disco Sour.

Chausseestrasse 8, Mitte
Tel. +49 (0) 30.24628760
A favorite since it opened over a decade ago, Rutz sets the standard for gourmet food and wine in the city of Berlin.  The fare itself is supremely sophisticated and based around six theme dishes, including duck, aniseed, and macadamia nuts, along with Wagyu beef, bison, and king-crab.  Though their dinner menu is impressive, do not forget to check out their bar menu with Berlin black pudding, Neukölln sausage, and  their exquisite tartare.
Diener Tattersall
Grolmannstrasse 47, Charlottenburg
Tel. +49 (0) 30.881.5329
Though dimly lit, Diener Tattersall gives you a taste of the typical Berlin cuisine.  Formerly owned by Franz Diener, a heavyweight boxer and a staunch anti-Nazi, the restaurant is decorated with pictures of him, his fights, and his friends.  The menu is in the local slang, but it provides translations.  The dishes include Hackepeter, a cold minced pork with raw egg, capers, and anchovies and the Königsberger Klopse, a delicious minced veal meatball that's a national favorite.  A real restaurant with real locals.


Tauentzienstraße 21-24
Tel.+49 30 2121 0
This is the best department store in Berlin.  Be sure to visit the unique food hall/restaurant.  It ranks up there with the best.

If you're a lover of marzipan, then this is the place to go. Since 1947 this family establishment has been turning out their version of the unique old world candy. It's never too sweet and always light and creamy. The fillings include pineapple, kiwi, raisins, apricots, and hazelnuts.

Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 24 Mitte
Tel. +49 (0)
An offbeat lingerie shop, Blush stocks exclusive French labels as well as house brands.

Rosa-Luxemburg-Strasse 22
Tel. +49 (0)
The owner of next doors womens lingerie store Blush, Claudie Kleinert, did a smart thing. She opened the first "Mens" lingerie shop. The store offers a variety of European briefs as well as American brand Jockey. Their in house label includes short silk boxers in navy and emerald. However, the big seller seems to be new Berlin label Papenberg.

Revanche de la Femme
Kurfürstendamm 177
Tel. +49 (0)
The salon is charming in a Moulin Rouge-way: corsets, seamed stockings, bodices, bustiers and other suggestive accessories. The Berliners love it and you will to.

KantstraBe 85
Tel. +49 (0)
Historic games and toys, especially teddy bears, dolls’ houses, trains, and other curios fill this gem of a toy store. The Germans have always been noted for creating wonderful children’s toys, and in some ways being here is almost like being in a museum. Except here you'll become a child again, or at the least lose a few years.

Take Off - Der
Fliegerladen Tempelhofer Damn 2
Tel. +49 (30)
If you’re flying into or out of Tempelhof airport, this is an option for something different to do. If you’re a collector of aviation replicas, you have no choice. Planes, space ships, rickety old puddle-jumpers, and everything else that ever flew is here in miniature or scale models.

Andreas Murkudis
Munzstrasse 21 (first & second courtyard)
Tel +49 (30) 3088 1945

These retail stores have combined the look of sleek boutiques with that of intimate museums.  Sounds strange?  Check it out. Not only does the owner feature really unusual and orriginal brands but his designer brother, Kostas, works with famous stores (ie. Pringle of Scotland) to design special collections just for their shops.

Hard Wax
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A
Audio geeks and DJ's are regulars here. This record store is revered in Berlin and known throughout Europe.
Great site that will point you in the right direction and keep you current as to what is happening in Berlin

Le Croco Bleu
Prenzlauer Allee 242
Le Croco Bleu is in a former engine room of a 19th century brewery.  The decor features Teardrop crystal chandeliers, exposed pipes, disused machinery, taxidermied beasts and glass vitrines of aged liquors.  However, the real draw are the cocktails that are prepared with the utmost precision. Try the Prince of Wales, a mix os Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognoc, Dry Orange Curacao, DOM Benedictine and Champagne.

90 Grad
DennewistzsraBe 37
Tel. +49 (0) 30.275.96231
Open Friday and Saturday nights, starting at 11:00 pm, this posh West Berlin nightclub and cocktail lounge, with dance floor and VIP area, is a favorite with Berlin's upscale crowd.

Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 1
Tel. +49 (0)30.258.9890
Thursday 7:00 pm – 2:00 am Friday and Saturday 10:00 pm – 5:00 am This huge club lies directly under the theatre at Potsdamer Platz, and is very theatrical. The medieval decor is reminiscent of being on a movie set.

BleibtreustraBe 1 / Ecke PestalozzistraBe Charlottenburg
Tel. +49 (0) 30.313.2550
Hours: 9:00 pm -2:00 am This is the jazz bar of choice in the West, mixing Latin, modern and classical jazz. It’s a place to sit down, relax, drink, and listen to excellent music.

Rosenthaler StraBe 13 Mitte
Tel. +49 (0) 30.283.3123
Hours: Daily from 8:00 pm This great jazz bar features top international acts nightly. Go on Sunday to tango.

CharlottenstraBe 45 Mitte
Tel. +49 (0) 30.209.12727
Tuesday-Saturday 8:00 pm -3:00 am This Berlin legend is still great, particularly on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The DJs always pack the floor, and you will surely find a dance partner.

Green Door
WinterfeldstraBe 50 Schoneberg
Tel. +49 (0) 30.215.2515
Daily from 6:00 pm Ring the bell on the titular green door to gain entry. They have a huge range of cocktails and a chilled-out ambiance.

Tel. +49 (0) 30.310.17520
Daily from 1:00 pm Great combination of cafe, bar and lounge. Everyone comes here to see and be seen.

Newton Bar
CharlottenstraBe 56 Mitte
Tel. +49 (0) 30.202.95421
Daily 10:00 am -3:00 am Friday - Saturday until 4:00 am The ultimate cigar bar where they provide extremely comfortable chairs to enjoy that cigar with a drink. A very upscale, moneyed clientele indeed.

Kitkat Club
BessemerstraBe 4 Schonberg
Tel. +49 (0) 30.217.3680
Some nights it's about fashion; other nights it's sleaze. We honestly hope you get to see the latter. To the beat of heavy techno, any fetish is fair game at Kitkat. From couture latex to all nude, the dress code leaves no survivors. Monday, the most insane, is Gay night and the squeamish need not appear.

After 3AM this is billed as "clubbers' paradise." This huge disco often does not close until the afternoon. The reputation is that it is decadent with parties being sexually uninhibited. Sunday is the "hot" time to go.  If you gotta dance, this is the place and those that have to work on Monday, spend Sunday afternoon here.

Victoria Bar
102 Potsdamer Strasse
Tel. +49.30.2575.9977
Expert mixologists deftly pour cocktail classics at this swanky joint. Try the brandy Alexander.