Hotel Remota

Puerto Natales, Chile

Hotel Remota

Ruta 9 Norte KM,
Puerto Natales, Chile

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Setting: Countryside,


Activities & Dining:
Spa, Fine Dining, Swimming, Fly Fishing

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Hotel Remota

Remota is one of the most celebrated and awarded Hotels in Chile, where the National Architecture Prize Awarded, German Del Sol, achieved the most breathtaking views of the fjord and glaciers.Normal things like breakfast,is an unforgettable experience.

Luminous and inserted in Patagonia's landscape, without any modification, with the best infrastructure, totally different from a classic hotel that impresses visitors and leaves a lasting memory.

Remota is more than just a hotel, it allows travellers to have a unique total Patagonia Experience. Remota is an ecological and sustainable hotel, built with high quality materials, almost no motors, no elevators,no television or internet in the rooms, very light, almost transparent, natural ventilation and highly efficient energy use.
Hotel Remota supports local communities and are strongly linked to social and cultural organisations as well.
Remota bought two new suburban Jeeps for our Fly fishing operation.
12 NEW  Giant Bicycles for our excursions.
2014 Season REMOTA Patagonia will offer Kayaking at the Grey Lake.
Remota is focused 100% on sustainability and we are very involved with the local communities.
All the products we use for the restaurant are organic.
Remota is the only “Orvis certified” operation in the Chilean Patagonia

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  • Meeting facilities
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Air conditioning
  • Housekeeping - daily
  • Jacuzzi
  • Massage services
  • Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Safe deposit box
  • Sauna
  • Security
  • Spa
  • Wakeup service
  • Bell staff/porter
  • Meeting rooms

Fly fishing Remota 

South of the world where everyone thinks that everything ends, those who know can say that it all starts here, the adventure of living and feeling the real Patagonia.

The diversity of its landscapes lead us to discover a huge amount of water resources in the province of Ultima Esperanza its lakes, lagoons, rivers and streams reflect unforgettable purity and richness of its waters, rivers and their Causes are flowdown between terraces and channels, their structures vary by geographic location in the upper reaches of the mountains can observe more rapid flows with rocky and stony this is the begin of a journey through the meandering the Patagonian steppe these waters are characterized by pure cold and oxygenated, these rivers and creeks end  in the ocean, fjords and lakes. Fly fishing, hundreds of seasoned anglers come to Patagonia in search of a unique and indescribable natural paradise to perform this activity.

About the fishing in Remota , we have included flyfishing on the numerous possibilities of excursions we offer to our anglers, our environment is ideal for carrying out, Its flora and fauna, captivating, its waters are synonymous of purity, source of a variety of highly prized fishes by anglers as Fario trout, Coho Salmon, Salmo salar, and Salmo King are among the we can catch in this water. Patagonia is special for the best days of fishing in fresh water.

Fishing areas 

I. South Zone

Full day / truck / easy difficulty / 8 to 9 hours.

South of Puerto Natales at 1 ½ hours away is located one of our wider areas as productive fishing  with more than five rivers and streams  the fishing area at 60 milles of water , easy wade without difficulty.
We will have the opportunity to fish in rivers that meander the Patagonian steppe with very good size trout and wonderfull colors with pure and crystalline waters. Another attraction of fishing in this area are the rivers that originate in the mountains causes smallest and fastest water all surrounded by the majestic beech forests that make this place is one of the most beautiful in Patagonia.

Spring creeks with crystal clear waters, very skilled and active trout habit these small waters, intricate waterways will have them always around throughout this area, these are a challenge aside. Fly fishing in these waters is difficult, but a nice challenge.

II. Center Zone

Half day or Full / truck / hard medium difficulty / 4 to 8 hours.

The fishing  is located very close to, allows us to move quickly from one sector to another, so anglers can do another tour or choose another option of fishing in the area .
Calm and crystalline waters, Tundra and grasslands measure of patience and tenacity of  the anglers in the area of Prat River  , with very aggressive and active Brown “Black” trout you can not make mistakes with these trout make a good team with your guide be essential in these waters as well ,  small streams may test all your skills  surrounded by beautiful mountains and fertile valleys, this area  is very popular among anglers who visit Remota.

III. North Zone

Full day / truck / Media difficulty / 8 to 9 hours.

Private ranches called "estancias" with restricted access and protected waters will give us a very good fishing, if we add to this a unique environment surrounded by the most beautiful mountains in the world, also have the chance to see animals that can only be found in these latitudes we get ... the perfect place to give the angler a unique experience that only Remote can offer.
Baguales River located 2 hours of tthe lodge and close to one of our private ranches takes the fisherman to the mountains a river with defined structure there are pools and streams good-sized brown trout, just minutes from this area are the Vizcachas River the typical Patagonian Spring Creek and some of the best for  fishing in Remota its more at 50 miles of fresh, clear and calm waters is located in the middle of the Patagonian steppe, guarded by the imposing Torres del Paine Massif and the majestic Sierra Baguales a mystical place.