Explora Atacama

San Pedro De Atacama, Chile

Explora Atacama

Domingo Atienza SN,
San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

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Setting: Desert,


Activities & Dining:
Spa, Fine Dining, Swimming, Horseback Riding

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Explora Atacama

Explora is an enterprise founded to encourage a new attitude towards travel, in remote regions of the Southern tip of South America.  explora has two locations: explora en Patagonia, Hotel Salto Chico, in the incredibly rugged and beautiful Torres del Paine National Park of Chile's Patagonia region, and explora en Atacama in northern Chile's Atacama Desert.

Between the Pacific Ocean and the Cordillera de los Andes, Atacama is an immense extension of land and mystery.  Desert and oasis have been moments of repose and change for pre-Columbian Andean cultures of South of America.  The remains of their past are landmarks in the area; their present sharing with other cultures in the maintenance of their traditions gives life to small towns.  Cordilleras, volcanoes, saltpetreses and hot springs add splendor to culture.  The Atacama culture had an important agricultural development and produced particularly beautiful textiles and metallurgy.  Its lands were crossways of commercial routes between peoples from Bolivia, Argentina and the Pacific coast.  In Atacama it is possible to appreciate multiple features of this history, expressed in archeological monuments, cemeteries, churches and villages.  Its traditions still live in religious festivities, it its crafts and in the local folklore.

At explora we offer journeys, rather than simply lodges.  Explora Atacama's lodges form part of a greater experience, as each one is designed to be a central point from which you can explore the natural and cultural surroundings in detail.  Each day you can choose from a wide range of explorations. They may be on foot or horseback, or by bicycle; a couple of hours long or a full day; gentle or more physically demanding.  At the end of each exploration, Explora Atacama's  lodge is always there waiting for you: a place to enjoy and regain the energy you will need to keep on exploring.

Explora Atacama's lodge is located on a plain known as the Ayllu de Larache, once inhabited by an ancient Atacameño community. Explora Atacama has respected the original layout of the land and restored and maintained some of the buildings.  There are 50 rooms housed in three long buildings, positioned to form a central square planted with large trees for ample shade. On the fourth side of the square is the building which houses the lodge’s public spaces. The views from the lodge’s broad terraces enable you to enjoy Atacama’s vast chain of volcanic mountains.  We always favor balance and originality in both  lodge facilities and cuisine, which travelers truly appreciate when looking for hotels in Atacama. Meals are made with the best-quality ingredients, many of them locally produced.

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In harmony with the surroundings and local traditions, explora Atacama offers the discovery of the essence of nature and a philosophy of travelling that seeks to satisfy the desire of adventure in an intact universe.
On foot, bicycle or horseback, our over 40 explorations inmerse our travelers in the natural and cultural wealth of the Atacama Desert. The hotel´s 17 hectares are part of our conservation program, with which we aim to restore the area´s historical and scientific value.

The 50 rooms of explora Atacama are designed to take full advantage of the silence, privacy, and spaciousness of the surrounding landscape, ensuring deep rest after a long day of exploration. At explora, we actively seek disconnection from everyday routine, which is why our rooms are not equipped with televisions or Wi-Fi, which is only available in the hotel’s common areas.

Tulur room:
19 Tulur rooms measuring 33m² (355 feet²). Views of the Cordillera de La Sal, or Salt Mountains.

Yali room:
27 Yali rooms measuring 33m² (355 feet²). Views of the desert landscape.