Amankora Gangtey

Phobjikha Valley, Bhutan

Amankora Gangtey

Phobjikha valley, Bhutan

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Floor-to-ceiling windows in the combined Living and Dining Room offer beautiful views over the expansive Phobjikha Valley. Spa facilities include two treatment rooms and changing areas. The eight suites are identical to those of Amankora Thimphu, offering an open plan bedroom and bathing area. The design combines wood panelling and chocolate brown walls, traditional bukhari, terrazzo-clad bath, shower, vanity and daybed offering views across the valley.

A stay in the Phobjikha Valley always begins with a causal stroll through the quaint Gangtey village, before visiting the ancient altars and ramparts of the massive Gangtey Goemba. Should the Gangtey Tulku be in residence then an audience for a highly revered blessing may be arranged. The Phobjikha Valley is part of the Black Mountains National Park, one of Bhutan’s most important wildlife sanctuaries. Each winter it is home to a flock of 300 rare and endangered black-necked cranes which arrive from Tibet.

Numerous nature walks and treks are offered throughout the valley’s varied terrain and, in winter, the reclusive black-necked cranes can be seen from the nearby Crane Centre or a viewing hide set near their main nesting and feeding grounds.

In Amankora Gangtey, spa treatments focus on relieving tensions from the drive by concentrating on joint flexibility and re-hydration through herbs and hot oil. Not only warming, a hot oil massage also includes herbs targeted at relieving joint stiffness