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The coolest people in the world! Remember, they invented "blond"!  Scandinavian style is really about Stockholm. Here is a civilized city that also knows how to party, especially in the summer, when the midnight sun creates the ambiance for the longest outdoor sunset cocktail parties ever.

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Sergels Torg
Tel. 46 8 508 31 508
With more than three million visits per year, Kulterhuset offers an unending stream of exhibitions and presentations in dance, art, photography, writing, and more. If it's culture, it's at the "culture house."

The Royal Palace
Gamla Stan
Tel. 46.8.402.61.30
Completed in the mid-18th century, this key Scandinavian landmark hosts guided tours of the Royal Apartments in English on Wednesdays, Fridays and weekends at 2 pm. With 608 rooms, it’s the largest castle still in use by a head of state.

Excursion to Birka
Stromma Kanalbolaget
Tel. 46.8.587.140.00

Nearly a full day’s tour. A boat leaves daily from Stadshusbron to the ancient Viking city of Birka. You’ll spend much of the day sailing in the waters of Lake Malaren.

Vasa Museum
Galärvarvsvägen 14
Tel. 46.8.519.548.00
This unique museum houses the salvaged 17th century Swedish warship The Vasa.  The Vasa is the best preserved 17th century ship in the world, and gives a great look into Sweden’s seafaring heritage.  Surrounding the ship are several permanent exhibitions that showcase other artifacts from the era, cinemas, a shop, and a restaurant.

The Nationalmuseum
Sodra Blasieholmshamnen
Tel. 08- 519 543 00
The Nationalmuseum is both Sweden’s largest and most renowned museum.  Art work from the Middle Ages right up until the start of the 1900s fills this expansive venue.  The Nationalmuseum specializes in Swedish art from the 1700s and 1800s, Dutch art from the 1600s, and is widely acknowledged as owning one of the finest French art collections in the world.  The excellent Design 1900/2000 exhibition celebrates the innovative design concepts that Sweden has become known for.

Tel.  60. 08-508 31 330
Owned and operated by the City of Stockholm, Liljevachs is Stockholm’s most beautiful exhibition environment.  This is a warm, welcoming, unpretentious art venue.  The ideal time to visit is from February to mid-March, when Lonely Planet reports that  the “Varsalongen Art Show held here is a fun place to shop for high art and kitsch from both new and established Swedish artists.”

Grev Magnigatan 6
Tel 070-713 61 22
Department is the best place to shop for contemporary art while in Stockholm.  Founded by highly-respected Swedish art consultants Anita Nilert and Lovisa Malmstrom, Department offers visitors guided tours through Stockholm’s top modern art galleries.  An appointment is necessary.

Arsenalsgatan 4
Tel 08-614 0800
Founded in 1870, this prestigious auction house hosts four main auctions each year.  The Bukowski Group is renowned for its commitment to the time-honored tradition of specialist knowledge of the highest quality.  Two of the auctions showcase contemporary work related to modern design, while the other two feature 19th century paintings, antiques, jewelry, old masters, and much more.   

Sturegallerian 36
Tel 08-545 015 00
Sturebadet  has been recognized as Stockholm’s premier gymnasia for over a century.  This is an ultra-modern spa in an Art Nouveau setting.  Aside from the large pool, there are also several smaller baths, a sauna, and a Turksish bath.   You can take strength and fitness classes, yoga, power hours, and zenergy classes.

Spirit Museum
Djurgardsvagen 38
Tel. 46.08.1213.1309
Peter Nilsson, a celebrated chef in Paris, has returned to his home in Sweden.  His well recieved new restaurant is in Stockholm's Museum of Spirits and its open plan dining room behind picture windows is the perfect setting for his inovative menu. Lunch daily and dinner on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Vegentarians will love his meatless options such as endives and celeriac with grated chestnuts and dried celery leaf powder.

Lilla Ego
Vastmannagatan 69
Two of Stockholm's top chefs, Daniel Rams and Tom Sjostedt, have combined their talents to create a small restaurant in the residential area of Vasastan.  The specials are scribbled on paper and taped to the wall but the food is not the least haphazard.  The reindeer steak is a popular choice.

Artillerigatan 14
Tel. 46.8.662.30.60
Moderately priced restaurant that has only 3 communal tables which serves outstanding rotisserie grilled chicken. There's usually a wait but worth it.

Kungstensgaten 2
Tel. 46.8.696.2323
This new restaurant is the hottest to thing hit Stockholm since the meatball. Chosen as "This year’s best restaurant, concerning food experience," by the Swedish restaurant advisor White Guide, Esperanto blends Japanese ingredients with European styles. In 2008, this up and coming restaurant garnered its first Michelin star. Both the menu and the wine list are playful, modern, and exciting, but still manage to retain their classical roots.

Lisa Pa Torget
Tel. 46.8.5534.0450
This cute little traditional restaurant is so cozy on a snowy winter’s day. This orange brick building is also home to any delicious supplies you need for a picnic during a summer afternoon.

Restaurang Kungsholmen
Norr Malarstrand, Kajplats 464
Tel. 46.8.5052.4450
Located on the hip island of the same name, this restaurant is the latest creation of local celebrity chef Melker Andersson. An all encompassing eating experience, Kungsholmen is a modern food court with seven different open kitchens, all of which have a unique flair. We highly recommend the delicious sashimi.

Eriks Bakficka 
Fredrikshovsgatan 4
Owned by one of Sweden’s best chefs, Erik Lallerstedt, this delightful bistro is a favorite of locals and serves traditional Swedish cuisine at it's best. Although the cuisine is top notch, Eriks Bakfickan manages to retain the charm of a cozy neighborhood restaurant; after just a few visits, the staff will be amongst your close friends. The inventive Erik Lallerstedt puts a modern twist on classic Swedish cuisine.

Vassa Eggen
Birger Jarlsgatan 29
Vassa Eggen is where the locals who know go. These guys fuse traditional Swedish dishes with all kinds of ingredients, such as gourmet pork sausage with Italian onion, cabbage and salmonberry honey.

Oaxen Krog & Slip
Beckholmsvagen 26
Tel. 46.8.551.53105
This is really two restaurants that are connected. Slip, is the more casual of the two. Krog is the seriously gourmet one.  Here there are two pre-fixe menus.  One is 6 courses and the other ten. Not cheap, by anyone's standards the six course one is 1650 kroner (about USD273.00).  Then again where else are you going to experience dishes like flash-fried langoustine in a cream of fermented button mushrooms with sour cream and dill.

Fredsgatan 12
Tel. 08.248.052
Fredsgatan 12 is a must during your stay in Stockholm, as both a culinary destination and a nightlife experience. F12 is renowned for both the perfect synthesis of its culinary creations and its first-class wine list. Chef Viktor Westerlind was recently named ‘Swedish Chef 2009,’ while his coworker Christofer Ekman was awarded the silver medal. Here, the eleven course tasting menu changes every month to match the season. Recent highlights include blue lobster from Brittany, milk lamb and white asparagus from Gotland served with sherry and summer marinated carrots. After dinner, head up the stairs to the terrace nightclub for a taste of the Swedish high life. Make sure to see Joakim Brannstrom, the man behind this sleek operation, for VIP status at the terrace nightclub. This is where Stockholm’s beautiful people can be found on a regular basis.

Gamla Stan
Victory Hotel
Lilla Nygatan 5
Tel. 08.5064.0080
This authentic medieval room in an "old town" cellar provides an amazing setting to enjoy classic Swedish cuisine served by a staff that works hard to please. One of the walls is part of the old city wall that protected Stockholm from invaders in medieval times. In terms of décor Leijontornet seems to be from a bygone era, the cuisine is cutting edge. Nordic flavors, both well-known and forgotten, are served up in new and creative ways. Leijontornet is committed to providing organic, environmentally-friendly dishes. For example, the fish and shellfish are listen on the World Wildlife Foundation’s Green Guide and all of the meat comes from small, ecological farms in Sweden. Even the most jaded of food critics would be pleasantly surprised by the wealth of innovations at Leijontornet.

Wedholms Fisk
Nybrokajen 17
Tel. 08.611.7874
Very expensive but considered to be one of, if not the best fish restaurant in Stockholm. The ambiance is nothing spectacular, but that doesn’t matter when the cuisine is this great. Over the last few decades, Wendholms Fisk has made a name for itself as one of Scandinavia’s premier seafood restaurants. The dishes here are all prepared with the highest expertise and meticulous attention to detail. We highly recommend the poached turbot with melted buter and horseradish. Diners in the know keep coming back for more. Reservations are mandatory as it is often sold out.

Ulriksdals Wardshus
Ulriksdals Slottspark
Tel. 46.885.0815

This classic Swedish restaurant about 15 minutes outside the city center is set in a picture postcard environment. On weekends the traditional "smorgasbord," which Swedish cuisine is known for, is served. It's worth the trip there for this smorgasbord alone, but the a la care menu also offers many tempting choices. The restaurant offers exotic gourmet dishes like lowtempered topside of deer with sea buckthorn and Vasterbotten cheese; and salmon carpaccio with cucumber pearls served in a champagne vinaigrette. You can precede your meal with a glass of wine in the restaurant’s basement wine cellar. Ulriksdals Wardhus is also a marvelous place to take a walk before or after you eat. The grounds are lovely.

Smalandsgatan 7
Tel. +46.8.679.6032
This classic Stockholm restaurant, opened in 1931, features a chambre separee (for those who like to be secretive) and an incredible art collection. Colorful paintings and murals dance across KB’s walls. Every other month, there is a new art exhibition by one or more artists, and all paintings are for sale. This is a place where visual art is seamlessly integrated with culinary art. What’s more, KB makes the best prawn sandwich in town.

At 1 Brunnsgatan
Tel. +46.8.5452.7300
This classic Stockholm restaurant, opened in 1931, features a chambre separee (for those who like to be secretive) and an incredible art collection. Colorful paintings and murals dance across KB’s walls. Every other month, there is a new art exhibition by one or more artists, and all paintings are for sale. This is a place where visual art is seamlessly integrated with culinary art. What’s more, KB makes the best prawn sandwich in town.

Mathias Dahlgren
6 Sodra Blasieholmshammen (Grand Hotel)
The Grand Hotel Stockholm’s highly acclaimed Restaurant Mathias Dahlgren has barely been open for two years, but in an unprecedented rise to the top, it has already garnered two prestigious Michelin Stars and staked its place on San Pellegrino’s list of the 50 Best Restaurants in The World. Restaurant Matthias Dahlgren is comprised of two different dining experiences which complement each other through the dual concepts of ‘Matsalen’ (the dining room) and ‘Matbaren’ (the food bar). The ever-evolving menu is changed and presented on a daily basis, offering guests only the freshest and best local and global ingredients and products every day. Head chef Mathias Dahlgren is well known in Sweden, and is the only Swedish chef to win the prestigious ‘Bocuse d’Or’ contest. In terms of décor, the New York Times has written that Restaurant Mathias Dahlgren has "raised the bar in a city with no shortage of beautiful dining rooms." Velvet sofas elevate from the parquet floors, while a Carlo Scarpa chandelier and a classic, brass Swedish kitchen lamp hang from the ceiling, illuminating the room. The wine list consists of a wide array of carefully selected wines from producers and vineyards all over Europe and the world. Since the Restaurant Mathias Dahlgren serves wine by the glass, you can easily enjoy and try several interesting new wines and discover unexpected taste combinations with the gourmet dishes that they complement.

Rolfs Kok
At 41 Tegnergatan
This cozy bistro (think New York's Balthazar) is opened Sunday night when many restaurants in Stockholm are closed. The wine list is quite wonderful and prices are barely above retail. Enjoy a great Swedish steak, escargot, elk and foie gras. Highlights include the lingonberry-glazed reindeer fillet and braised ox cheek. This cool dining room is done in the minimalist style that Swedes have become known for.

Vassa Eggen Steak House
29 Birger Jarlsgatan
Tel. +
Co-owner Christian Olsson is married to a New Yorker so that may have influenced this steak house modeled after New York's Craft and BLT. Most of the beef comes from just north of Stockholm but for American's who want to feel more at home there is a Dakota ribeye.

Snickarbacken 7
Snickarbacken, 7
Tel. 46 (0)8 667 10 22
This former stable is a combination cafe, clothing store and the home to local artist exhibitions. The clothing is ecletic so you find anything from vintage italian fashion pieces to modern Swedish labels such as Tuss Stutterheim. 

Charlotte Lund Gallery
70 Skeppargaten
Tel. 46.8.663.0979
Founded in 1993, today Charlotte Lund Gallery is one of Sweden’s leading art galleries.  Contemporary art from both established and emerging artists, from Sweden and all over the world, can be found here.  Check out the soft watercolors by Mats Gustafson and the photos by Adam Fuss.

Ronnells Antikvariat
32 Birger Jarlsgarten
Tel. 46.8.5450.1560
This second-hand bookstore is a great place to go into and lose yourself for a day while in Stockholm.  Immerse yourself in the impressive collection of 100,000 titles that populate this bookstore, many of which are in English.   There are lots of rare and vintage collections on hand.

ensk Tenn
Strandvagen 5
Tel. 46.8.670.1600
Sometimes called the Scandinavian Hermes, Svensk Tenn is as much a monument to design as it is a furniture store.  It was founded in 1924 by Estrid Erickson and Josef Frank, the designer responsible for popularizing modern Swedish furniture and revitalizing floral print.  Frank stated that, “There’s nothing wrong with mixing old and new, with combining different furniture styles, colors, and patterns.  Anything that is in your taste will automatically fuse to form an entire relaxing environment.  A home does not need to be planned down to the smallest detail or contrived; it should be an amalgamation of things that its owner loves and feels at home with.”  Svensk Tenn certainly lives up to this sentiments, and today, its owners work hard to preserve cultural and aesthetic values in the Swedish home-interior design tradition.

Gotgatan 31
Tel. 46.8.462.3520
Ceramics, children’s toys, accessories for your nightstand and all kinds of other odds and ends are found at this small chain. The goal is to promote colorful and creative yet lesser known Swedish designers.  Design Torget prides itself on being a commercial marketplace of unique design for customers and designers who value style, function, and innovation.   Once a week, a Design Torget panel meets to handpick quality items from both unknown and established designers, which are than sold for a limited time at their stores, ensuring that there will be something new every time you walk in.  This is a great place to pick up some unique items from up-and-coming designers before they become household names.

Stureplan/Grev Turegatan 9
Tel. 46.8.611.46.06
This elegant mall caters to the most distinguishing shoppers in Sweden with such lines as J. Lindeberg, Bjorn Borg and Face Stockholm.  The New York Times wrote that, “this mall has a dazzling array of foreign and domestic merchandise that’s sold within at least 60 specialty shops.”  Great cafes and more than 60 specialty shops are why Sturegallerian was once Europe’s “Shopping Center of the Year.”

Sibyllegatan 6
This gallery is where truly great Nordic-designed, classic pieces can be found, especially from the 1950’s. Modernity specializes in vintage 20th century furniture of the highest quality, along with ceramics, glassware, lighting and jewelry.  Work by celebrated Scandinavian designers such as Hans Wegner, Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen, Axel Salto, Berndt Friberg, and many more can be found here.  Both international collectors and museums flock to Modernity’s bustling central showroom, which has become a quintessential meeting place for anybody with an interest in twentieth century design.   

Lars Wallin
19 Sybellegatan
Tel. 46.8.545.69.707
Enjoy a glass of champagne in the showroom and personalized treatment at the by-appointment atelier. Lars Wallin is definitely the hottest place to get new threads – whether you’re looking for evening gowns or for bridesmaid dresses.

Hammngatan 37
Tel. 46.8.791.24.45
Once one of the more mediocre shopping destinations in the city, this central Stockholm department store has revamped itself and now features over 8,000 square meters of fashion boutiques, food and even a mini-spa: Axelsons. The Web site is in Swedish but has a comprehensive list of all the stores.

Strandvagen 3
Tel 08-66123 33
Gaudy creates unique pieces of top-quality handmade jewelry in its lively workshop.  A diverse assortment of metal, precious stones, diamonds, and pearls form the basis of their beautiful creations.  A visit to the workshop will inspire you and perhaps you’ll even find that special item you’ve been dreaming of.

Maruschka de Margo
Birger Jarlsgatan 7
Tel 08- 678 81 60
Maruschka de Margo is a boutique catered towards women with high demands on design, quality, personal style, and service.  Maruschka de Margo features a handpicked selection of clothes, accessories, and shoes from some of the world’s most renowned designers.
Nathalie Schuterman
Birger Jarlsgatan 5
Tel 08- 611 62 01
This multi-brand high end fashion store features a carefully-chosen assortment of pieces from some of the world’s top designers, like Marc Jacobs, Prada, Dior Homme, Chloe, and many more.  There’s also a Baby and Child section where you can find designer clothes in sizes ranging from newborn to sixteen years old.

Tjarhovsgatin 14
Tel. 08 640.5747
Bridging the gap between art and design is what Flux is about. Peter Viksten has opened this trendy shop in the Sodermalm district.

The NK Department Store
Hamngatan 18-20
Tel 08-762-80 00
This cavernous department store Stockholm’s place to go for everything from the latest fashion, accessories, and cosmetics to high quality furniture, kitchenwear, and traditional Swedish crystal.  There’s even a classy Champagne Bar where you can enjoy a few drinks, perhaps while waiting for someone else to finish shopping.

Shops of Vasastan
North of the city center is Vasastan. This, under the tourist radar area, is where you'll find much of Stockholm's original wares.  Naturally you'll find traditional Scandinavian minimalism but you'll also discover Swedish bakeries, Turkish food markets and shops with the clothes of up and coming designers.

Ogendgatan 68
Tel. 46.8.300.280
Owner Sofia Bjorkman creates jewels that are art.  Large handcrafted necklaces along with delicate bangles and rings are all interesting and unique.

Tegnergatan 6
Tel. 46.8.612.7475
The unlitimate children's store filled with colorful furnishings, painted wooden toys and obscure board games.

Odengatan 39
Tel. 46.8.673.0999
The best of India from beaded saris to golden chandeliers has been imported to this special store.  A cafe is also among the many rooms crammed with rugs, lanterns and pairted wardrobe cabinets.

Jascha Loves Designista
Upplandsgatan 45
Two stores in one combining the fashions label of  Jascha with the design shop of Designista brings a store filled with clothes and housewares that is all very cool.

Swedish Visitor's Official Site
The official everything Sweden site with news, attractions, Swedish personality profiles, weather and everything else under the sun - or snow.

Boat Tour
You can’t visit the "city on water" without viewing from that angle first-hand. Take a boat tour and discover the beauty of this northern wonder. Much nicer than your average ferry boat.

Welcome to the Swedish Royal Court
You certainly don't want your visit to Stockholm to coincide when the Royals may be out of town.  This site gives you their schedule and great info on all the Royal Palaces in case you're planning a visit.





Kharma Sturegatan 10
Tel. 46.8.662.0465
Elegant environment with black and white checkered floor, warm red drapes and deep red sofas. Nell Campbell did not decorate this place but it's elegant and has all the right sounds.

Berns Berzelii Park
Tel. 46.8.566.32222
Locals love this place because of the live music and stunning decor. It's a mix of 19th century baroque and 21st century flair.

Stadsgardskajen 152
Tel. 46.8.743.0570
This old lightship has been a gay haven since 1986. The crowd is lively and there is always some great music playing on the party decks.

Regeringsgatan 61
Tel. 46.8.411.5900
This is the place for lots of reggae and ragga.

Camera Club
Norrmalmstorg 4
Tel. 46.8.440.3880
In the center of Stockholm this slick club presents an epic cocktail menu as well as assorted appetizers to pick from. 

Le Bar Rouge
Brunnsgrand 2-4
Tel. 46.8.505.244.60
A red velvet bedecked fantasy on a quiet street in the old town which attracts a colorful mix of locals.  A popular Moulin Rouge themed restaurant is also on the premises.