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St. Petersburg is undoubtedly Russia's most beautiful city. Though there was a time when you'd come here for the art and Moscow for the nightlife, St. Petersburg is now enjoying something of a renaissance, awakening to life in an entirely new way. New restaurants and nightclubs are popping up all over, so that now, after you've explored the amazing Hermitage you don't have to settle for a quiet evening back at the hotel.

The summers are a marvelous time here; the city is in an eternal dusk called "white nights". Yet with all the new restaurants and snug bars, winter is getting a lot more popular. It's not nearly as crowded and is surprisingly more chic-- you can even wear your furs and not feel guilty. The early morning snow casts an ethereal glow on the city, a sight you will never forget. St. Petersburg is a great place to visit in snow or sunshine.

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Mariinsky Theatre
1, Teatralnaya Square
Tel. +7 (8) 12.326.4141
Catch a different symphony, opera or ballet every night of the week during the summer. From Shostakovich symphonies to Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet ballet, Mozart’s Requiem to The Nutcracker, the Mariinsky Theatre is high Russian culture at its finest.

State Hermitage Museum
2 Dvortsovaya Ploshchad (Dvortsovaya Square)
Tel. +7 (8) 12.571.3465
Home to one of the world’s largest art collections (more than 3 million pieces), the Hermitage is the heart and soul of Russia’s aspiration to be on par with rest of Europe with regard to sophistication and high society. See the Winter Palace, home to Russian tsars in the 18th and 19th centuries. In all, the Hermitage constitutes six spectacular buildings along the River Neva.

Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood
Naberezhnaya Kanala Griboyedova 2

As for classic, onion-domed churches, this one is hard to top – at least in color and style. Although it is only 100 years old, it has a rich and full history, from its closure in the 1920s, to its use as a site for revolutionary propaganda, to its recent restoration.  It is a miracle the church survived the period after the Revolution of 1917, during which time it was thought of as an “inappropriate symbol of Christianity" in a newly atheistic country.  But lucky for visitors it survived, be cause its detailed mosaics, both inside and out, are a pleasure to behold. Closed by the Bolsheviks in the 1930’s, it was reopened in 1997 to all its former glory.

14A Dobrolubova Prospekt
Tel. +7 (8) 12.320.8600
This floating restaurant is consistently well rated for ambiance and food. The cuisine is fusion seafood. The views of the surrounding architecture and Vassielievsky island are excellent.  Many consider it the most fashionable restaurant in the city.

18A Petrogradskaya Emb, City Center
6th Floor
Tel. +7 (8) 12.332.0200
This restaurant, located atop an office building, is a big hit. The views are spectacular and the food is as good. The modern design and relaxed atmosphere makes it an ideal place to eat.

11 Malaya Morskaya ulitsa
Tel. +7 (8) 12.117.1343
The name means “meatgrinder.” The venue is stunning. The restaurant is fun. The novelty of the Mongolian barbecue restaurant allows "Petersburgers" and visitors the joy of watching their meet sizzle. The service is fast and the prices are reasonable.

26/40 Gorokhovaya Ulitsa
Tel. +7 (8) 12.327.2208

Lunch is a popular choice at this Armenian restaurant that serves up great hearty cuisine like grilled lamb and the stew like teva.  Try the vegetable based appetizers and certainly anything with egg plant. 

Voznesenky Prospect 4
Tel.+7 (8) 12.315.0675

Located near the Astoria Hotel this candlelit restaurant has great borscht. 

Lucky Shot
3 Gorokhovaya Ulista
Tel. +7 (8) 12.571.6949
Here is Russia’s version of an urban hunting lodge.  The menu varies according to season but expect meat like moose or boar.  The sauces are made from wild mushrooms, nuts bilberries, cranberries and other forest delicacies.


Suveniry Vo Dvortse Yusupova
94 Naberezhnaya Reki Moyki
Regarded as the most beautiful souvenir shop in the city, it’s located in the dining room of the Yusupov Palace, on a quiet stretch of the Moika River. The store carries quality Russian handicrafts like stone-carved eggs, Fedoskino miniatures, carved soldiers and crystal glasses.

31 Nevsky Prospekt
Tel. +7 (8) 12.314.1952
Master jeweler Ananov creates Easter eggs much as Faberge but in his own way.These are inspired by a mix of international styles. Faberge fans, including Queen Elizabeth, Prince Albert of Monaco and Queen Sophia of Spain, have all been recipients of Ananov’s work. Examine the amazing, intricate details in his egg creations.

Tatiana Parfionova
51 Nevsky Prospekt
+7 (8) 12.713.3669
One of the trendiest St. Petersburg designers has a splendid marble-floored show space decorated with naturalist murals. She has dressed well known dancers and models. Her recent looks have been ones of understated elegance that looks chic, smart and thoroughly wearable in real life.

151 Obukhovskoy Oborony Prospekt
Tel. +7 (8) 12.560.8544
Founded in 1744, this once state-owned porcelain factory has worked with Kadinsky, Malevich, Adomovich and more. You might see its work at Russian restaurants. You might also catch communist-era Russian worker designs at discount prices.

St. Petersburg Times
Not to be confused with the St. Petersburg, Florida Times, this twice weekly comes out on Tuesdays and Fridays. A thorough and professional English language paper.

11 Sadovaya Ulitsa
Tel. +7 (8) 12.571.8384
The ostentatious mixture of baroque decoration with mirrors may not be everyone's taste, but this restaurant and club is the place to see and be seen.With two dining rooms, delectable food and a dance floor, this is the perfect place to come for dinner and stay to dance the night away with some of the trendiest people in St. Petersburg.

Club Griboyedov
2A Voronezhskaya Ulitsa
Tel. +7 (8) 12.164.435
This big time techno club is housed in a former bomb shelter and run by local band Dva Samolyota (Two Planes). If you're looking for the "local" scene, this is the place.

Zoom Cafe
22 Gorokhovaya Ulitsa
This basement bar has a literary scene and is popular with those who like a little conversation with their vodka shots.

Club Jet Set
58b Furshatskaya Ulitsa
Tel. +7 (8) 12.275.9288

This is where the "in" crowd of St. Petersburg "hangs." The decor will blind you but that's all part of the fun.