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Originally a quiet fishing village situated at the banks of the Yangtze River, Shanghai has transformed into China’s largest and most sophisticated city. It serves as the country’s major cultural, commercial and financial hub, and often draws comparisons to Paris and New York City.  Shanghai, home to the world's tallest hotel, has more that 2,000 skyscrapers designed by the world famous architects in it, as well as stirring businesses and huge shopping scenes. With luxury hotels, trendy nightlife and exceptional restaurants, Shanghai attracts more and more visitors every year, all eager to sample the finest parts of China.

During a visit here, make sure to visit several neighborhoods including the Bund, a waterfront city that attracts locals to do their morning routine including tai chi and ballroom dancing, and Yandan Lu Pedestrian Street recently renovated with modern fixtures and shops.

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Science and Technology Museum
Shiji Da Sao 2000
Pudong (North side of Shiji Gongyuan)
Tel. +86 (0) 21.6862.2000
This museum is great for children and adults alike. There are 12 exhitition halls and 6 Media theatres including an IMAX 3D Theatre, IMAX dome theatre, IWORKS 4D theatre and a Space theatre.  (Lots of visuals) and always cool.

Dino Beach
Xin Zhen Lu 78
Minghang (Qibao Zhen, south of Shanghai-Hangzhou Hwy)
Tel. +86 (0) 21.6478.3333
This  water park in Shanghai boasts Asia's largest wave pool (.8 hectares/2 acres). There are eight water slides (longest 500 feet), a mile long river with rapids, 3 swimming pools for kids, organized volleyball and water polo games.  To top it all off there are an array of fast food outlets Chinese style. 

Urban Planning Museum
100 Renmin Da Dao
Tel. +86 21.6318.4477
In this museum, you will learn about the new Shanghai by seeing how the city was built and what plans are in store for the future. There is an impressive 5,380 square foot scale model of downtown Shanghai.

Yuyuan (Yu) Garden
Bordered by Fuyou Lu, Jiujiaochang Lu, Fangbang Lu and Anren Lu, Old City, Shanghai

Intertwined markets, parks and temples help give a glimpse into the world of old Shanghai. With halls, towers and pavilions inspired by the Ming and Qing dynasties, this garden gives a brilliant taste of ancient royal beauty.

Shanghai Museum
201 Renmin Da Dao
Tel. +86 21.6372.3500
Shanghai Museum showcases the arts and crafts of China in eleven permanent galleries and is probably the best museum in all of China, known especially for the world-renowned Ancient Chinese Bronze Gallery.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
158 Yincheng Bei Lu
Tel. +86 21.5877.9988
Sharks and giant rays swim over your head in the world’s largest shark tunnel. This state-of-the art aquarium features an array of wonderful creatures, including Japanese spider crabs, glow-in-the-dark jellyfish and the endangered Yangtze alligator.

Wai Tan (The Bund)
Five blocks of Zhongshan Dong Lu, between Jinlang Lu and Suzhou Creek
A popular site and famous district to visit in Shanghai, locals and tourists mix in Wai Tan. The famous architecture of the Wai Tan is pre-1937 and set against the bank of the Huang Pu River.

Laris 3
Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (Three on the Bund)
Tel. +86 (21) 6321.9922
This is one of the most spectacular dining venues; the intricate marble work alone is worth seeing. After you calm down from the incredible design and architecture, you will be equally impressed with excellent fusion cuisine. Chef David Laris, whose roots are Greek and Australian, has created some interesting pairings of local and imported ingredients that you will definitely enjoy.

Mr. & Mrs. Bund
18 on the Bund
Tel. +86.21.6323.9898
Mr. & Mrs. Bund has the feel of the older Western restaurants in Shanghai, but with much better food.  French-born Chef Paul Pairet settled here to offer his unique take on French and local Shanghai style cooking. The menu offers a huge range of selections from the adventurous tuna mousse in a can to the sous vide prepared black cod served with a beautiful Cantonese-style sauce.  The Long Short Rib is also a special treat for two, deliciously encrusted with a teriyaki glaze.  Be sure to check out the nightclub Bar Rouge above then come back down to try Mr. & Mrs. Bund's late night menu of frog legs with garlic coulis and the Mr. Bund OR the Mrs. Bund croque.

Jean Georges
No. 3 The Bund, 4th Floor
3 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Road
Tel. +86 (21)6321.7733
A familiar spot New York restaurant goers will recognize immediately. Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s first restaurant outside the U.S, Jean Georges lives up to its motto of simplicity with the freshest ingredients: fresh seafood and locally grown organic produce. About 5000 bottles of wine grace its cellars. Views of the Bund and the Shanghai skyline are plentiful.

Crystal Jade Restaurant
Xinye Lu 123 Lung, Xin Tiandi, Nanli 6-7, 2nd floor-12A & B
(in the modern mall at the back of Xintiandi, it is up one flight by escalator)
Tel. +81 (0)21.6385.8752
A Starbucks stands at its entrance, the First National Congress of the Communist Party at its flanks, and in its midst, brilliant restorations of Shanghai's colonial Shiku Men ("stone gate") architecture. The place is Xin Tiandi (literally "New Heaven and Earth"), an upscale cultural mall where the moneyed East meets the moneyed West. Here you'll find some the city's hottest dining spots. Xin Tiandi is a 2-block pedestrian mall with enough good eating to require weeks to experience it all. The best one to try and also one which you will need reservations for is Crystal Jade.  The specialty is without a doubt the steamed dumplings in broth (xialong bao).  Also the steamed pork dumplings and hand pulled noodles (lamian). This is authentic Cantonese cuisine at it's best.

11 Dongping Lu,
French Concession
near Hengshan Lu, Metro Line 1 Hengshan Lu Station
Tel.+86 (21) 6467.9227

This Australian inspired restaurant in a great building in the French Concession area is the place to go if your longing for a steak.  450g T-Bone and 300g Ribeye's are considered by many expats to the best in town.

Din Tai Fun
168 Fangbag Zhong Lu (Zhoujin Lu)
Tel. +86 (21) 6334.1008
Taiwanese chain serving street food in a restaurant setting. Some of the best steamed dumplings anywhere

2 Lane 210, Taikang Lu
Tel. +86 (0)21.5465.4519
Located in the Luwan District, Feel offers traditional Chinese garb with alterations and modifications to perfectly fit the wearer.

Shiatzy Chen
The Bund No. 9
Tel. +86 (0)21.6321.9155
This Taiwanese chain has built a very impressive abode for display of their luxury Chinese goods. With beautiful clothing for men and women in a setting that any retailer would envy, customers love it even if they don't buy anything.

Suzhou Cobblers

17 Fuzhou Road, Room 101
Tel. +86 (0)21.6321.7087
Love Chinese silk slippers? This small boutique has handcrafted, embroidered ones, plus totes, hats and baby gear

Elegance Art Studio
Building 10, Suite 201, 350 Guiping Lu
Tel. +86 (0)21.6485.8720
David Yang’s home studio offers discount prices on silk draped items such as photo albums, notebooks and CD cases, items normally sold in Shanghai’s elite hotels.
hanghai is known as the "Paris of the East", and is complete with many different shopping districts and venues.

Yuyuan Shopping City
This Nanshi district is known for the specialized Chinese goods ranging from local crafts, antiques, jade wares and gold and silver jewelry.

Xujiahui Shopping City
Xujiahui Shopping City, located in southwest Shanghai, is a shopping and entertainment destination, consisting of large stores with middle-priced and luxury items.

New Shanghai Shopping City
Offering the best facilities, New Shanghai Shopping City is located in the middle of Pudong Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, and is surrounded by a plethora of fine retail outlets.

Jiali Sleepless City
Facing the Shanghai Railway Station, Jiali Sleepless City is a stirring commercial area.

Tours of Old Shanghai
Tel. +86 (21) 6271.5551 
Englishman Peter Hibbard conducts tours of Old Shanghai. He knows every nook and cranny of the city.

8 Days
Offers information on the arts and entertainment scene in Shanghai.

City Weekend
Tel. 21.6321.7087 
Free at hotels and restaurants, these feature listings, reviews and tips on the city’s ever-changing dining, nightlife and shopping.

Banyan Tree Spa Shanghai
Bund Center, 88 Henan Central Road
Tel. +86 (21) 6335.1888
Offering a lavish array of massages to relax and sooth its customers, Banya Tree Spa in Shanghai tenders services ranging from a full-body massage, Balinese and Classic massages as well as Lomi Lomi and sports therapy. An excellent way to unwind after a busy day.

Shanghai.That’s Shanghai
Another resource for visitors to Shanghai looking for events and restaurants.

We love this resource!  It gives you all the right addresses in Chinese. Print and hand to taxi driver!

This resource will keep you up on what Gay events are happening or about to happen.

Nightlife in Shanghai is like the city itself: constantly changing. Here is a small list of the current venues.

The Glamour Bar
6/F, No.5 The Bund ( corner of Guangdong Lu )
Tel. (86-21) 6350-9988 (office hours)
(86-21) 6322-0099 (most other hours)
This glamorous salon has stunning views as a backdrop, sexy and sensuous interiors -- and a dazzling array of events and entertainment: from cultural readings and Sunday film sessions to smash it up shock rock; wicked drag shows to live acoustic performance; cabaret strip tease to modern ballet; public debates and lots more. And the views are Fantastic!

Kee Club
796 Huaihai Road
Tel. +86.21.3395-0888
This new club is actually a branch of the one in Hong Kong.  There the reputation is that of a place where high society likes to hang. However, Shanghai has just opened and for the time being is accessable to the general public. The bar is great but if you go its worth booking a table at their more formal French dining room. 

Attica Shanghai
15 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu
Tel. +86.21.6373-3588
There is no shortage of night spots in Shanghai!  This is one you will want to see.  It is actually adjoined to a restaurant called Finistre so you can have dinner there as well.  The terrace is huge and decorated in a Zen inspired theme.  However, here again it is the views that are completely mesmorizing. Looking down on the Bund and at the fururistic skyline of Pudong across the river.

Bar Rouge

7F, Bund 18
Tel. 021.6339.1199
You have to take the elevator and then stairs, Bar Rouge is worth it. A happening decadent Shanghai hotspot, Bar Rouge offers a terrace with special views and a pyrotechnics show the bartenders put on periodically; all this and the fun crowd makes for a great evening.

Cotton Club

Fuxing Xi Lu 8
Tel. 021.6437.7110
Shanghai’s oldest jazz club is a great spot for live jazz and blues. Nightly live jazz is a hallmark of this local institution.

Bonbon Club

Huai Hai Road (1329-1331)
Tel. 021.2193.9299
This Shanghai's hotspot opened Dec. 16, 2005. Like so many venues in Shanghai, this one is a must to see and party at.

99 Nanchang Road
Tel: +852.2810.1272 (reservations through Hong Kong office)

The people behind Hong Kong's popular underground members' club Volar have opened a two-story pleasure emporium in party-happy Shanghai. The 6,000 sq ft space is close to the famous strip of clubs in Fuxing Park. Admission to the weekly sessions is strictly members-only and A-list. As in Hong Kong, however, entry is something the concierge of your five-star hotel should be able to take care of.

46 Fuxing West Road
Tel. 86.21.6431.0269
Nightly live performances and an Old Shanghai speakeasy feeling.

505 Zhong Shan Nan Road, south alley
Tel. 86.21.6152.6543
This predominately Gay club is 3 floors and is quite the spot for spoting Shanghai's hottest men.  It's fun to. The various rooms have names like Crazy Room, Lazy Room and Cruzy Room.  Dancing to great music and sound system brings out the cool straights as well.

The Gay Triangle
One of the toniest neighborhoods in Shanghai, French Concession, is home to three popular Gay bars.

1877 Huaihai Zhong Road
Tel. 86.21.6282.0521
The back drop for this concrete walled bar is some pretty good Chinese exotica like Mao inspired art and antique door panels.

Shanghai Studio
1950 Huaihai Zhong Road, Unit 4
A hip crowd winds its way through a number of room that was once a  bomb shelter. The space includes a dance floor and a men's underwear shop called MANifesto. (Womens night on the last Saturday of each month)

Bobos (Bugaoyuan Clubhouse)
307 Shanxi Nan Road
Tel. 86.21.6471.2887
Well hidden bar set within a compound of residential high rises.  Go through the main gate, turn right, look for the glass dome and head downstairs. This bar caters to "Panda Bears" or the fuller bodied set. Karaoke is big here.