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The Eternal City has some of the best known tourist attractions in the world. Home to the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, St. Peters and the Vatican, Rome continues to preserve its ancient history. The cafes, restaurants, and shops are unlike any in the world. Take a day to experience Rome like it was during the Imperial Age and visit all of the ancient sites. Set aside time to head up to St. Peters and the Vatican to experience the masterpieces created by Bernini and Michelangelo. Walk around the piazzas and enjoy the outdoor markets complimented by the friendliness of the locals. As for the evenings, leave them to enjoy all of the wonderful wine and decadent food that Rome has to offer.

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Borghese Museum and Gallery
Piazzale del Museo Borghese, 5
Tel. +39 0039 06 841.3979
Whether you go to visit Apollo & Daphne or Pauline Bonaparte, you will not be disappointed by any of the sculptors in one of the worlds "must" museums. Once is not enough!

The National Pasta Museum
Piazza dei Scanderberg 117
Tel. +39 (0) 06.699.1119
Located near the Trevi Fountain, this is where you’ll learn everything you've ever wanted to know about the history and perfect preparation of the Italian staple.

Museo di Palazzo Doria Pamphilj
Via del Corso, 305
Tel. +39 (0) 6.679.7323                              
This quiet refuge of a palace contains some 700 pieces of art by artists such as Caravaggio, Valesquez, Bernini, Titan, Rubens and more.  Rarely crowded, its the ideal place to hang for a couple of hours and meditate in the eternal city.      

Mueso Dell'Ara Pacis
Lungotevere in Augusta
Tel. +39.06.0608
Pax Roman refers to the long period of relative peace and minimal expansion by the military of the Roman Empire in the 1st and 2nd centuries. American architect Richard Meier built a glass, steel and travertine structure to house the venerable ancient altar built in 9 BC on the order of Emperor Augustus commemorating this period. Since it was opened in 2006 it has been a controversial subject with Romans who as a rule do not prefer contemporary architecture. Never the less it has a serene atmosphere and is bathed in ingeniously filtered light.  

Museo Boncompagni Ludovisi
Via Boncompagni 18
Tel. +39.06.4282.4074
This min-villa located near the Via Veneto focuses on the decorative arts, costumes and social mores of the 19th and 20th centuries. The tour begins on the ground floor concert salon, decoreated with trompe-l'oeil landscapes, fine furniture, paintings, and Meissen porcelain.  Then it extends to every floor of hte building.

St. Peter’s Basilica
St. Peter’s Square
Tel. +39 (0) 06.6988 5435
The saga of St. Peter’s dates from A.D. 319, when Emperor Constantine built a basilica over the tomb of St. Peter, said to be near where the Circus of Nero stood in ancient times. After a near collapse in the 15th century, a long, labored reconstruction began. Five of Italy’s greatest Renaissance artists died while toiling away on the new St. Peter’s: Bramante, Raphael, Peruzzi, Sangallo the Younger and Michelangelo. Inside the great church is Michelangelo’s Pietà.

Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Via Nationale, 194
Tel. +39 (0) 639.96.7500

Palazzo delle Esposizioni is the largest exhibition area in the centre of Rome: more than 10,000 square metres of space on three floors, Level 0, 1 and 2, host cultural events and offer services to visitors.
The Palazzo will also have a 139-seats Cinema, an Auditorium (multimedia hall for 90 people) and a Forum (multifunctional hall), as well as a 290 sq.m. café, a 400 sq.m. restaurant for 240 people and a 470 sq.m. bookshop. Check the schedule as there are always interesting and fun exhibits throughout the year.

Via Nizza 138
Rome's new wing of the Macro
public contemporary art museum is a jagged black hall on a cathedral scale

Villa d’ Este Tivoli
Tel. +39 (0) 77.433.2920
These gardens, built on a hill, are noted for their intricate and amazing fountains and tell the story of the Estes family ancestry, as imagined by Cardinal Ippolito d'Este. This Mannerist garden borders on the Baroque, featuring a fountain that plays music with a water organ, as well as the Path of One Hundred Fountains. The highly ornamented villa is open, but parts are often closed for restoration. Villa d’ Este is in Tivoli, which is about 20 miles from Rome.

Parco degli Acquedotti
near metro stops Lucio Sesto or Giulio Agricola
This public park is lined with impressive ruins of ancient Roman acqueducts.  Great for a Sunday afternoon!

Le Montecarlo
Vicolo Savelli, 13
Tel. +39 06 6861877
No matter where you travel to a good pizza is always appreciated.  A great pizza is loved. Italy is the mother of origin of the world famous pie. Montcarlo is the place to go for traditional Roman pizza in a fun boisterous atmosphere. Roman pizzas come piled high with ingredients including mushrooms, anchovies, cipolla, pepperoni and prosciutto all melted together with mozzarella and Parmesan. Le Montecarlo offers plenty of local wines as well as live musical, theater and poetry entertainment. 

Bar Sant'Eustachio
Piazza Sant'Eustachio 82
Tel. +39 (06) 6880.2048
One of Rome's most famous coffee bars takes cash only.  Expensive but worth every euro as the celebrity testimonials on the walls will attest to.

Agata e Romeo
45 Via Carlo Alberto Termini
Tel. +39.06.446.6115
[email protected]
If you want to taste genuine Roman cuisine, we recommend Agata e Romeo. The eponymous owners and their daughter Maria Antonietta came from the South of Italy 25 years ago and have made this establishment one of the capital's most renowned addresses. Although not cheap, it offers classic Roman and southern Italian dishes. The restaurant offers a wide choice of both international and domestic wines from its cellar. Fish lovers, carnivores and vegetarians are all catered to with a menu that frequently changes. Closed Sundays and mid-August to mid-September.

Ristorante "Mirabelle"
Via di Porta Pinciana, 14
Tel. +39.06.42168838
Mirabelle Restaurant
This Michelin'd restaurant is located on the hotel's seventh floor, where huge glass terrace doors open out to a breathtaking panaroma of the city. The crowd of Roman regulars confirms that chef Giuseppe Sestito's seasonal cuisine is among the best in town.

Il Pagliaccio
Via dei Banchi Vecchi 129A
Tel. +39 (06) 6880.9595
The restaurant received its first Michelin star in 2007.  Prices are high but gourmands all seem to agree that it is still value considering the quality of the food.  Try the lamb

Hostaria l'Archeologia
Via Appia Antica 139
Tel. +39 (0) 06.788.0494
[email protected]
Located near the catacombs of Saint Sebastian and Saint Callistus, this genuine Roman trattoria specializes in game and fish. Its interior garden has hosted many international celebrities. Try the swordfish carpaccio or the cod with potatoes au gratin, and after dinner, ask to see the cellars which were once catacombs. Reservations recommended.

La Pergola
Rome Cavalieri Hilton Hotel
Via Alberto Cadlolo 101
Tel. +39 (0) 06.3509.2152
La Pergola
The chef at what may be the best restaurant in Rome (3 Michelin stars) isn't Italian but German. Heinz Beck has mastered both the cuisine of Italy and the mentality. Among his seasonal specialties are tomato terrine with deep-fried anchovies, marinated mackerel with tomato, guinea fowl with black olives and simple but sublime pastas. All this is accompanied by a breathtaking city view. Closed Sunday and Monday. Open only for dinner. Reservations recommended.

Enoteca Ferrara
Vicolo del Moro 1 (Trastevere)
Tel. +39.06.58333920
[email protected]

This is the best place in Trastevere to taste good Italian cuisine. Chef and co-owner Maria Paolillo is picky about the ingredients she uses, many of them are also available at Ferrara's specialty-food shop. Casual ambience and a great wine list chosen by her sister and the restaurant's co-owner, Lina Paolillo.

Due Ladroni
Piazza Nicosia 24
Tel. +39.06.6896299 - 6861013
[email protected]

Casual and busy place very popular with local people. They serve great pasta, mozzarella and other specialities from southern Italy. Outdoor tables available. Closed on Sunday.

Ai Tre Scalini
Via dei S.S. Quattro, 30
Tel. +39.(06).7096309
Closed on Monday
[email protected]
Located at the foot of the Colosseum, Ai Tre Scalini is run by a young Italian chef with enthusiasm and experience. The versatile, high quality of the menu represents flavours and aromas of the Mediterranean and is equally divided between fish, meat and vegetable dishes. Select from a variety of vintage wines, and indulge in the ricotta and chocolate pie.

Caffe Bernini
Piazza Novana 44
Tel. +39 (06) 6819.2998
Cafe Bernini

Everyone loves the Piazza Novona and sitting ourside in the summer months. The best part about Caffee Bernini is that the prices for ths area are not through the stratosphere.

Girarrosto Fiorentino
Via Sicilia, 46
Tel. +39.06.42880660
Open daily
Palates of gourmets with traditional yet elegant menu. Steps away from the legendary Via Veneto, especially proud of its eccellent select of meat dishes, prepared with high-quality meat from the Val di Chiana in Tuscany. Fresh fish is always featured on the menu, as well as delicate pasta dishes. The chefs have also mastered the typical Roman recipes.

Osteria dell'Antiquario
Piazzetta S. Simeone 26
Tel. +39.06.6879694
closed on Sunday and Monday for lunch.
In summer the outdoor tables of this quiet restaurant look out onto a charming Baroque square, near Via dei Coronari. This unique, fascinating setting prepares the charm for a skilled Roman cuisine with some fancy flair. Meat dishes and game can be found on the menu, as well as a vast assortment of cheeses, though fish is the restaurant's main speciality.

Piazza de' Ricci, 144
Tel. +39 (06) 686.1302
Romans and tourists can both be seen at this mostly seafood restaurant, especially in the summer months when the preferred seating is outdoors.

Felice a Testaccio
Via Mastro Giorgio 29
Tel. +39 (06) 574.6800
This trattoria is considered by many to be the best in Rome.  Located in the nontouristy neighborhood of Testaccio, the restaurant has been run by the three generations of the same family since 1936.  The most famous dish is the tonnrelli cacio e pepe.  It is a pasta dish that is usually made with Spaghetti but here the spaghetti is tonrelli,  a long square shaped pasta. 

Antica Pesa
Via Garibaldi 18
Tel. +39 06 5809236
The menu at Antica Pesa aims to keep the historical Roman culinary tradition alive while incorporating modern influences and trends. The pasta menu at Antica is among the best in Rome, including popular dishes such as Spaghetti cacio e pepe (spghetti with cheese and pepper), Cannolicchi al pomodoro con mozzarella fusa, melanzane fritte ed olio al basilico (razor clams, tomatoes, mozzarella, fried eggplant and basil oil), Lasagnette ai fiori di zucca con mozzarella ed acciughe (lasagne with zucchini flowers, mozzarella and anchovies), and Risotto al caciofiore con goccie di miele e fiori selvatici (risotto with caciofiore cheese, honey, and wildflowers).

Giuda Ballerino
Largo Appio
Claudio 346
Tel. +39.06.7158.4807
Upscale and try the anchovy tempura and the chicken in tobacco sauce.

Saddlers Union
Via Margutta, 11
Tel.+39 (0) 06.321.20237
If your in the market for fine leather belts,wallets, bags and briefcases look no further.  This exquisite shop maybe expensive but everything is hand made on the premises. 

Via de Ripetta 224
Tel. +39.06.9784.1892
Upscale combination gallery, design emporium and bookstore.

Via S. Chiara 34
Tel. +39 (0) 6.688.01314
This has long been the destinatioin for Popes and Cardinals in need of  ecclesiastical garments since 1798.  However, the complete man goes here for socks.  Yes, socks for everyday in summer or winter and socks made for sport such as skiiing.  All in all this is where the most exquisite male hosiery can be found. 

Via Santo Pantaleo 68-69
Tel. +39 (0) 06.6880.2547

Jeans from this under-the-radar Italian line aren’t cheap, but they have a great fit and a worn-in look. With items nearly impossible to find in the States, SBU also features exquisitely cut shirts, a remarkable range of footwear and ultra-select apparel from some of the world's hottest designers. No website.
Castel Romano Outlet
Via Ponte de Piscina Cupa 4
Tel. +39 (0) 06.505.0050
The Faux Medieval entrance and Roman-Borgo interior will please the eye and the designer outlets will please the wallet. Castel Romano Outlet is just outside of Rome, so ask your concierge for directions.

Basilico Design
Via del Vantaggio 19
Tel. +39.06.321.0230
Shop or browse for ideas at this upscale shop that sells interior decor products and housewares.

Omnia Vatican & Rome

The OMNIA Vatican and Rome card is the only complete sightseeing package for Rome and Vatican City. Tailor-made for visitors to the city, holders can save both time and money during a stay in the city.

Il Gilda
Via Mario de' Fiori 97
Tel. +39 (0) 06.678.4838
For years, Gilda has remained unrivaled as the most prestigious disco club in Rome. Located one block from the Spanish Steps and the city’s most famous shopping, the club is targeting the next generation of disco converts, opening its doors for special teen-oriented private parties during the week and hosting afternoon events for an even younger set, aged 13 to 16. Weekend nights, however, are still reserved for adults.

ReRé Wine Bar
Via Flaminia Vecchia, 75
Tel. +39 (0) 06.334.0483
Step into ReRe and find yourself in a world of red velvet, roses, leopard skin and gold-framed mirrors. Couches, low tables and chairs are arranged to create cozy areas where guests can have a cocktail or a glass of wine and relax. At apertivo time it's always full of stylish people, and late in the evening, the place revs up as the after-dinner crowd takes over. Easily the most fashionable place in the area, the ambience, live music on Thursdays and Sundays and sidewalk seating make this destination immensely popular since it opened two years ago. Live music Thursdays and Sundays.

Via della Croce, 76
Tel. +39.06.679.0896
A traditional enoteca, in business for more than 150 years, with a vast selection of wines, several of which are served by the glass. Check the blackboard for the day's offerings. A pre-dinner appertivo buffet is available for a flat rate.

Via degli Specchi, 6
Tel. +39.06.683.8989
Hidden away on a tiny side street between Campo dei Fiori and the Tiber, with an atmosphere that puts it closer to Manhattan's Soho district, Crudo is a great place to relax at the end of the day, decorated in taupe and concrete, with comfy fifty's-style couches and easy chairs and subtle lighting. On offer, a wide range of wines by the bottle or the glass, a variety of martinis and exotic cocktails and an unusual dinner menu. Open continuously 12:30 pm - 2 am. Closed Sunday lunch, Monday dinner.

La Maison
Vicolo dei granari
Tel. +39.06.683.3312
The best in Rome Very V.I.P. in the heart of Rome near the Piazza Navona. One of the clubs of choice of Rome’s fashion-victims, La Maison is dressed to impress… but elegantly. Huge chandeliers, dark red walls and curvy sofas give it an opulent, courtly feeling. Surprisingly, the place is not snobbish, the music on offer is not banal and the atmosphere is truly buzzing. The doormen can be picky.

Supper Club
Via de' Nari, 14 (Pantheon)
Tel. 39.0668 8072.07

Sister club to the already legendary Amsterdam Supperclub, the Rome version is even more sensational because it’s still such a secret. Supperclub Rome has been acknowledged by the Italian and international media as one of the most enchanting venues in the world. Set in a gorgeous restored 3rd century mansion, it’s tucked down a narrow alley, has no sign on the door or bouncers outside and you’ll miss it if you didn’t know it was here. Inside though it’s unforgettable.

Salotto 42
Piazza di Pietra 42
Phone: +39 6 678 5804
Arguably one of the most hip and chic places around, Salotto 42 is owned by a Swedish model. A coffee shop by day, a cocktail bar by night one will be surrounded by only the savviest clientele. The décor is modern with books on fashion, art, film, and music lining the walls. Get there early and enjoy an array of appetizers while sipping on wine and cocktails of your desire. A great place to go in preparation for a fabulous night out on the town.

Circolo degli Artisti
Via Casilinna Vecchia 42
Tel. +36.06.7030.5684
Think of this as a night time mall where you can check out a live band or drama performance and get a great pizza to.