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Enchanting churches with gold-capped spires and Renaissance castles saturate Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic consists of winding cobblestone roads that connect historic monuments that have miraculously remained after years of strife, revolution and war. UNESCO’s World Heritage lists Prague on its roster of the best-preserved medieval cities.

While the arts and theater scene is a recent addition to the city, it is nonetheless flourishing with a distinct Czech imprint. Catch a weekly poetry reading, playwright’s work, or jazz concert. Tour the galleries with up-and-coming comtemporary artists, or browse through museums that both encapsulate the history and charm of this city.  The Old Town and its famous square offer an unrivaled romance that attracts tourists and locals alike. Restaurants and shops abound along the many pedestrian malls radiating from the town square. A short walk from Old Town Square is the famous Charles Bridge, the perfect spot for a lifelong photo memory.

During a visit to Prague, explore Lobkovicky palac, a baroque 17th century building that contains a variety of religious relics and display of crown jewels; or set out to Zahrada Valdstejnskeho palace, a magnificent garden that encloses "The Grotto" a sculpture of imaginary rock formations and water that drips through it. Every place in Prague testifies to the city's endurance and perseverance through the ages.

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Kampa Museum
U Sovovych mlynu 2
Tel. 420.257.286.147
This Museum displays contemporary and modern art by prominent central artists from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the former Yugoslavia.

National Museum
Vaclavske namesti 65
Tel. 212.352.376
National Museum is the largest and oldest of all the museums in the country. Built as a scientific institution for organizing natural scientific and historic collections, National Museum provides a great look at the primeval history of Eastern Europe, as well as natural science finds.

Kralovska Zahrada
U Prasneho mostu ulice and Marianske hradby ulice near Chotkovy Park
Tel. 224.373.368

Having endured destruction in the form of wars and neglect, this garden has somehow remained one of Prague’s gems. With lovely views of St. Vitus’ Cathedral and the Royal Summer Palace in its eastern end,strolling around Kralovska Zahrada is a wonderful way to relax. On a visit here, make sure to check out the Micovna, or Ball Game Hall, with peculiar and intriguing graffiti on its walls.

Alsovo nabrezi 12
Completed in 1885 this museum consistently has the best of curators for its exhibits.

Bazilika svateho Jiri
Namesti U sv. Jiro
Tel. 224.373.368
Dedicated to St. George (who slayed the dragon), Bazilika savteho Jiri is a church built in the 10th century. With its red exterior and warm yellow interior, it is the best-preserved Romanesque artifact in the Czech Republic.

U Modre Ruze
Old Town
Rytirska 16
Tel. 224.225.873
Located in a 15th century cellar, this restaurant serves authentic Czech food. A piano player heightens the romantic ambiance.

Smetanovo nabrezi 22
Tel. +420 222.222.173
Don't let the name fool you.  This is a very good restaurant on the Charles River.  There pre-fixed dinner at 890 Koruna (USD46.00) is an amazing deal for a gourmet dinner.  We've only heard good things.

Kampa Park
Little Quarter
Na Kampe 8B
Tel. 296.826.102
This beautifully located restaurant, situated right next to the Charles Bridge, serves fine contemporary food and is a popular favorite.

Vino di Vino
Vezenska 3
Tel. 420.222.312.999
Great place for lunch! This small wine bar in the old town serves italian food of the Piedmont region.

Little Quarter
Trziste 21
For a trip to another era, step inside the country-style dining room of this relaxing haven tucked into a hillside in a quiet corner of the "Little Quarter." The carefully prepared menu features Czech International cuisine also has warm service. Be sure to try the hearty and traditional game dishes.

Smetanovo nabrezi 18
Tel. 222.221.443
With delicious and perfectly prepared menu choices, such as filet of fallow deer or pasta with lobster and spinach puree, plus a gorgeous view of the Prague Castle, Bellevue is a must. 

La Gustation
Hastalska 18
Tel. 420.222.311.234
As the name implies this restarurant is not ala carge but 3 tasting menus of 7 courses each.  That does not include the little extras that the chef throws in (amuse-bouch). Plan on dining for 3 hours and spending around USD125.00 per person.  It is all wonderful and in a very sleek ambiance.

Pálffy Palác
Valdštejnská 14Prague, Czech Republic 11800
Tel. 257-530-522

French romantic restaurant set in a small palace close to the castle and in the Little Quarter. Food is excellent. Good local wine list.

Cerny Kohout (Black Rooster)
Vojtesska 9
Tel. 420.251.681.191
Owner Vojtech works the kitchen while his wife waits tables giving this small restaurant a mom and pop kind if feeling.  While the style of cooking is Provence there also seems to be an Asian influence going on here.  The Duck, being an example seems more Peking then French.  Having said that it, everyone loves it.

Rasiinovo Nabrezi 80
Tel. 420.221.984.160
Chef Gwendal Le Ruyat serves inventive and intensely flavored French gourmet meals at this restaurant which is located on top of Pragues most prominant modern building designed by Frank Gehry and Vlaso Milunic.

Bohemia Bagel
Dukelskych hrdinu 48
Great bruch place for expats or anyone craving American fare.  The menu inludes bagel sandwiches, burgers and even pigs in a blanket.

La Finestra in Cucina
Tel. 420.222.325.325
The restaurants focus is on meat specialties include Argentine steaks and other high profile imported cuts.  However, it is the pork that is absolutely the best.  It is roasted slowly at a low temperature and served with a thick Montelpulciano wine reduction and, of course, mashed potatos.

Petrská 25
Tel. +420.222.317.425
Founded by Englishman Paul Day, who became familiar with oriental spices and cooking while working at a butcher shop in London's Chinatown, Sansho offers a daily menu of fusion dishes made from only organic meats.  With outstanding service and a fine selection of Sicilian wines, Sansho is certain to provide you with a great meal. Reservations required.

U Balbínů
Jungmannova 22
Tel. +420.226.804.980
A restaurant for beer lovers, U Balbínů specializes in great beers from many local breweries with rustic dishes to match.  Along with the wide selection of beer, they have various soups, cold cuts, and great Czech cheese. 


Boutique Tatiana
Dusni 1
Tel. 224.813.723

Bohemian aesthetics meets Milan styling. Tatiana is the place for elegant, sexy, haute fashion. Revealing backless safari shirts and camisole tops are the specialty that the designers, Tatiana and Lucie, produce in small batches.

Dr. Stuart's Botanicus
Michalska 4
Tel. 224.212.977 
Dr. Stuart’s Botanicus offers everything from herb lotion to soaps to stationary kits. All products are made entirely with Czech ingredients.

Timoure Et Group
V Kolkovne 6
Tel. 222.327.358
Refreshingly minimalist fashion for grown-up women can be found at Timoure Et Group. Their intelligently-designed, collared white shirts are immensely popular and functional.

Celetna Crystal
Celetna 15
Tel. 222.324.022
Czech crystal is world-famous, and Celetna Crystal has three stories of renowned jewelry, china, crafts and crystal-- all of which would make a perfect gift or souvenir from Prague.

Vejvodva 3
Tel. 224.233.815
De.Fakto sells art deco tables and chairs with a distinctly German influence. The bold furniture is typical of what is found in upscale Prague homes.

Soukenicka 8
Tel. 420.222.311.453
Unusual souvenirs from local designers.

Artel Design Shop
Celetna 29
Tel. 420.224.815.085
Bohemian glass updated with modern colors and shapes.

Sabai Studio
Slovansky dum, Na PrÌkope 22, Stare Mesto
Tel. 224.451.180
Sabai Studio provides Thai and aroma massages in Prague, a perfect way to unwind.

City Walks
Tel. 222.244.531
With nine thematic walking tours, City Walks’ English-speaking guides proffers great ways to explore Prague and learn the history of this city.

Cafe Cafe
Rytirska 10
Tel. 224.210.597

If you want to see what the hip, young and beautiful are wearing in Prague, don’t stray from Wenceslas Square or Old Town. On the street between the two, Cafe Cafe plays music against mirrored walls and video screens.

Agharta Jazz Centrum
Zelezna 16
Tel. 221.211.275
This small Bohemian jazz room gets jam-packed with fans to match its stacked schedule. Catch jazz, blues and funk every night of the week in the summer, and make sure to come early to get a seat or to pick up a souvenir CD. The people who run Agharta Jazz Centrum also organize the Prague Jazz Festival.

Novotneho lavka 1
Tel. 221.082.299
Lavka's name means "jetty" and that's the view that clubbers have at this waterfront spot, located at the foot of the Charles Bridge. The club has the only outdoor dancefloor in Prague that is open all day, everyday. Imagine watching go-go dancers while looking at fantastic views of the castle and the bridge.

Archa Theater
Na Porici 26
Tel. 221.716.333
also 221.716.104
With eclectic programming – including everything from flamenco guitarists to experimental theatre about refugee camps – Archa Theater is a highly recommended destination for those who truly want to experience Prague at its culturally avant-garde apex.

Duplex Club & Cafe
Vaclavske nam. 21
Tel. 224.232.319
Enjoy your drink with a view from atop the roof terrace at Duplex Club & Cafe’s. The top area DJs play here at a member of "World’s Finest Clubs." Duplex is centrally located at Wenceslas Square. Contact Jan Cerovsky at 607 571 172 or Antonin Batka at 777 334 767 for the latest on what's going on here.

Blind Eye
Vlkova 26
One last nightcap!  Blindeye stays open to 5am and attracts an international mixed crowd.  The owner says any discrimination is strongly frowned upon.

Cloud 9
Pobrezni 1
Tel. 420.224.842.999
This sky high lounge is actually on top of the Hilton Prague. The bar is long and spacious with incredible views of the Vltava River and the city rooftops.

Prague's Gay Scene
The Gay scene in Eastern Europe centers on the city of Prague. This is a country where gay soldiers can serve opnely in the military and where the government legalized partnerships for same sex couples in 2006. The affluent Vinohrady district has a bar for everyone. 

On Club
Vinohradska 40
Tel. 420 222 520 630

Multi level disco formerly Valentino. Biggest Gay disco in Prague.

Blanicka 29
Tel. 420.603.740.263
Small basement club that caters to a young mostly Czech crowd. Czech pop music and Euro techno.

Ondrickova 15
Tel. 420.724.585.676
A club that caters to the young and hot crowd and also has several back rooms where sexual activity takes place openly.