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Paradise, in Vietnamese, is Nha Trang. Or at least we think it should be! This coastal hotspot is going to be the next big thing in resort vacations. Come for the beautiful beaches--and the beautiful people--and experience some of the most amazing diving in all of Vietnam. If scuba isn't your thing, relax on the sands with stunning views of Vietnam's coastal islands and save your energy for the night: Nha Trang's club and bar scene is hard to beat. Be sure to get there soon, though, as Nha Trang's idyllic beaches and serene setting surely can't remain a secret too long.

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Rainbow Divers
Tel. 524-351
Nha Trang offers some of the best diving in Vietnam. Choose from a variety of different dive trips to explore the beautiful underwater scenery. Rainbow offers trips both for already certified divers and for beginners who need their dive certification (complete your course as part of the trip)—whichever trip you select, you are sure to leave with priceless memories and wonderful experiences.

Long Son Pagoda
If you’re tired of the beach and feel the need for a little cultural pick-me-up, head just outside of town to the Long Son Pagoda. A functioning Buddhist temple, the pagoda houses an enormous seated Buddha, visible from all over the city, and providing unbelievable views of the surrounding countryside.

Cham Towers
A complex of towers and the former seat of the Cham people, these ruins are beautiful and definitely worth a visit if you tire of relaxing on the beaches!

Thuy Duong Restaurant
Pham Van Dong St
Tel.  543.743

Great views of the city and so close to the water you can hear the waves crashing on the rocks below
Tons of good food, great service

Seafood Restaurant
46 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St
Tel. 522.664

Come here for authentic Nha Trang Vietnamese specialties. You’re guaranteed the freshest seafood and delicious variations on Lau Bo, a simple soup served with different meats and noodles—yum!

Truc Linh 1
11 Biet Thu St
Tel. 526.742

Seafood is the star at this popular Nha Trang restaurant. Serving up Vietnamese delicacies, Truc Linh 1 is always a safe bet when you're looking for simply delicious food.

Truc Linh 3
80 Hung Vuong St
Tel. 525.259

As with Truc Linh 1 restaurant, seafood is the specialty, but along with choice Vietnamese dishes, there are also a few Chinese preparations as well.

Vietnam Travel Tips

Although we’ve listed a ton of great boutiques, don’t miss the gift stores in luxury hotels—they typically carry higher quality merchandise. Expect to pay a little bit more, but the five-star hotels will generally carry unique pieces, and sometimes they’ll stock high end designers. But keep in mind while you shop, that anything bought must be lugged around for the rest of the trip; try to buy stock items (things you can get all over Vietnam) at your last destination. It’s also a good idea to think ahead and pack an extra bag to carry home all your goodies—you’re going to need it! 

Vietnam, though known for its stunning laquerware and captivating black and white photography, is also a great place to get beautiful hand-made clothing. Be sure to bring your favorite item to give the tailor some idea of what you’re looking for to ensure a perfect fit.  

It is an extremely smart idea to keep the address and number of your hotel with you at all times; there might be a language barrier and a written confirmation of where you need to go can often bridge the gap.

Visa and Travel Documents
Citizens of some Asian countries are exempt from visas for short-term stays.  Japanese citizens may stay for 15 days without a visa, while Singaporeans, Thai and Malaysians are granted 30-day visa waivers.  Filipinos may stay 21 days without a visa.

You are able to receive your visa on arrival at HCMC (Saigon), Danang and Hanoi airports if you have your Visa Authorization Letter.  Make sure you also have US dollars for the visa fee, passport sized photo and your passport. We’d even recommend stashing the exact change, your passport sized photo, and the letter into an envelope to make everything move a bit faster.

If you do not arrive by air to those specific cities, you must obtain a visa prior to arrival in Vietnam.

Upon entering Vietnam you will be presented with a yellow form that covers customs and immigration.  Don’t lose it—you’ll need it to leave the country.

Immunizations are recommended, but consult your physician or healthcare provider:
Diptheria and tetanus
Hepatitis A
Meningococcal Meningitis
Japanese B Encephalitis

Also, although malaria is still rare, dengue fever is on the increase and commonly contracted by travelers.  Make sure to sleep beneath a mosquito net in open-style rooms and always apply repellent.  Bring all prescription medication.

At the Airport
Luggage allowances vary airline to airline.  Visit the sites below.
Bangkok Airways
Vietnam Airlines
Thai Airlines
Singapore Airlines
Money Matters
Vietnam’s currency, the Vietnam Dong (VND), exchanges at a rate of about 16,500 to the US Dollar. 

As the dollar is still valuable in Cambodia (!) we advise bringing a good number of singles ($200) to use as tips.  Higher-end restaurants often include service charges in the bill, and although tips are not expected in more casual restaurants and bars, they are appreciated.

Shops are not responsible for damages incurred during shipping, so we recommend purchasing shipping insurance if you chose to ship items home.

Vietnam’s country is +84, and operates on Greenwich meantime +7 hours. (When it’s noon in Vietnam, it’s midnight in New York.)

Sailing Club
Tran Phu St.
Tel.  527.006
The perfect place for a drink at any time of day, early evening offers stunning sunset views of the beach and the majestic Dien Khanh Mountains as the sky slowly fades from pink to red to midnight blue. After hours head to the nightclub for the legendary party atmosphere. The Sailing Club is the nightlife destination and is not to be missed. Just make sure you have a morning of sunbathing planned to recover!

Louisiane Brewhouse
Tran Phu St.
Tel. 521.948
Relax at the pool or on the beach at this atmospheric brewhouse with freshly brewer beer and a fine selection of fresh seafood. Louisiane brews their own special ales and lagers in the styles of famous international recipes. A slower-paced alternative for your evening activity.

17 Biet Thu St
Tel. 524.140

This centrally located bar has a much more cosmopolitan vibe and the extensive cocktail menu to prove it. Kick back in the lounge or hit the dancefloor where music is pumping all night.