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For years, Lisbon was the major commerce link between Asia, Europe and the Americas. Though slow to modernize, this enchanting city by the sea is in the midst of a renaissance, and during Expo '98, the city transformed itself with newly built roads, real estate development projects and the unveiling of the new Ponte Vasco de Gama bridge. We love the hip, Bairro Alto area, filled with a young, stylish crowd and creative restaurants, bars and cutting-edge boutiques. Lisbon has changed with the times to become a diverse, modern city, yet has never let go of its classic, old world, charming style.

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Museum of the Orient
Avenida Brasilia, Doca de Alcantara
Tel. 351 21.358.5200
This new museum housed in a refurbished industrial building is situated on the Alcantara waterfront.  It's all about the Orient and it contains Europe's largest collection of Asian artifacts. The highlight is the famed Kwok On Collection which is an unbelieveable treasure of Asian theatrical and sacred masks, costumes and related pieces numbering over 1200.

Museo do Design
Centro Cultural Belem
Praco do Imperio
Tel. 351.21.361.2400
The Lisbon Design Museum features an exhibition of new pieces dating from 1937. Luxurious, hand-crafted pieces in precious materials exemplify the French decorative tradition of the '40s and '50s, traditional wooden work, laminated material and plywood hails from Scandinavia and synthetic material in organic forms represents American design. Also included are pieces from the '70s in recycled materials as well as audacious, post-modern forms from the 80’s.

Parque das Nacoes
This city-within-a-city, originally conceived for the 1998 World Expo, was designed to create high-quality urban spaces and integrate the city in all its diversity. Today, residents enjoy services like shops and restaurants, schools, leisure and sporting facilities, a hospital and other services. Discover what is now known as the new Lisbon.

Calouste Gulbenkian Museum
Avenida de Berna 45A
Tel. 351.21.782.3000
This very large art collection spans 4000 years and is the creation of an Armenian oil man.  One of the exhibits is a jewelry collection by Rene Lalique. The museums landscaped gardens offer a great respite from the busy city.

Mini Bar
Rua Antonio Maria Cardoso, 58
Tel. 351.
The restaurant is inside the Sao Luis Municipal Theatre and is the latest venture of Chef Jose Avillez.  If you haven't heard of him you will as he's changing the eating scene of Portugal.  He's already opened 5 restaurants.  His avant-garde cooking is very up to date and includes dishes like tempura fried avocado spears with cilantro.  The prices here are reasonable (hope it stays that way). Average dinner for two is around 80 Euros without wine or tip.

Lardo de Sao Carlos, 10
Tel. 351.21.0607
Chef Jose Avillez presents traditional Portugues dishes with a modern twist in a lovely wood paneled dining room.  The New York Times calls the restaurant brilliant.

Terreiro do Paco
Lisboa Welcome Center
Praca do ComercioChef
Tel  210.312.850
This former post office has been divided into two spaces, the Terreiro and the Paco.  Terreiro serves snack type sampler dishes, while the Paco upstairs offers a more sophisticated creative cuisine. 

Chafariz do Vinho
Rua da Mae d'Agia a Praca da Alegria
Tel. 351.21.342.2079
This really unusual wine bar ia housed in an 18th century stone acquaduct.  Not only are the good wines amazing value but also the four-course tasting menu.

A Casa do Bacalhau
Rua do Grilo
Tel. 218.620.007
Thirty versions of Portugal's favorite dish-Bacalhau, or salt cod.
Other hearty dishes and great local wine list served in an ambinace of brick, wood and wicker 

Cop '3
Largo Vitorino Damasio 3
Tel. 213.973.094
Situated in the Santos Desogn District, this minimalist restaurant specializes Portuguese nouveau cuisine. 

Casa da Comida
Travessa das Amoreiras, 1
Tel. 213.885.376
This temple of gastronomy is located in an 18th century building.  The patio is particurlarly inviting when weather permits.  Some of the noted dishes are shellfish soup, pheasant marinated in port and grouper with a coriander sauce.  All the wines are Portuguese.

Restaurant Virgula
Rua da Cinturu Porto de Lisoa 16
Tel. 351.21.343.2002
Bertilio Gomes, the young chef, is gaining well deserved respect for his inventive Portuguese cuisine.
The restaurant is housed in a warehouse like structure overlooking the Tagus River

Royale Cafe
Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro 29
Tel. 351.21.346.9125
In the chic area of Chiado this small cafe is noted for it's creative salads.  Perfect for lunch.

Bica do Sapato
Avenida Infante D. Henrique
Tel. 218.810.320

Come for the scene and savor the food at John Malkovich co-owned Bica do Sapoto, where the Tagus River rivals the local celebrities for a beautiful backdrop. A former boat factory, this restaurant offers a sushi bar, a casual cafeteria-style venue and the main dining room, which takes delicious liberties with traditional Portuguese cuisine.  

Rua Marquis de Fronteira
Jardim Amalia Rodrigues
Tel. 213.862.211
Eleven partners, one of which is the celebrity chef Joechim Koerper, have opened this new superb concrete and glass restaurant.  It is set in  Eduardo VII Park and overlooks the Tagus River.  It is the first restaurant in Lisbon to recieve a Michelin star.

Nobre Marina Club
Edificio Nau, F18
Passeio dos Naveganes. Marina Expo.
Tel. 218.931.604
This traditional restaurant offers a refined atmosphere and exquisite dishes including crab soup, bass cooked in parchment and duck with olives.

Fatima Lopes
Rua da Atalaia 36
Tel. 213.240.546
Portugal's fashion queen does colorful and streamlined outfits for men and women.

A Vida Portuguesa
Rua Anchieta 11
Tel. 213.465.073
Classic Portuguese products and design items that are well presented at this special store.

Ana Salazar
Rua do Carmo 87
Tel. 213.472.289

Internationally-known Ana Salazar jumpstarted Portugal's fashion industry in the '70s and remains an inventive force of style today. Her line of clothing and accessories is influences by her fellow artists and writers.

Alexandra Moura
Rua Latino Coelho, 33
Tel. 213.142.511
Only available by appointment, this exclusive designer and former apprentice of Ana Salazar is quite popular for her urban clothing with custom-made finishings.

Fabrico Infinito
Rua Dom Pedro V 74
Tel. +35 1 212.467.629
Orriginal home decor and jewelry by independent designers from Portugal and Brazil.

Galerie Jorge Shirley
Rua da Escola Politecnica 21-23
Tel. +35 1 213.864.497
This is one Lisbon's most respected Art Galleries.

Emporio Casa Bazar
Rua Dom Pedro V 65
Tel. +35 1 210.964.093
Spanish candles, smooth Italian vases and Brazilian electronic music. Kitsch designed Portuguese household products .

Hold Me
Rua do Norte, 33
Tel. 213.471.570
Bags, suitcases, trunks and vanity cases. 

Ilha do Bairro
Tua do Norte 94
Tel. 213.460.210

Club styles for nights on the town.

Follow Me
A free monthly guide to Lisbon in English and Spanish and available in tourist-frequented places.

Guia do Lazer (in Portuguese)
This entertainment listing is found in the Thursday edition of the Publico daily paper.

Fado is a nostalgic and mournful music that depicts the epic adventures of Portuguese people around the world.  The term "saudade" is so essentially Portuguese that is defies translation. 
Fado singers bring the world of doomed love affairs and the hardships of life to their audience in their soulful ballads.   

Sr. Vinho
Rua do Meio-aLapa, 18
Tel. 213.972.681
With her husky voice and obligatory shawl, Maria de Fe is a revered fado singer.  This club is  a must for fado purists to come and hear her and othe artists singing Lisboa and Coimbra.  The club attracts locals and discerning foreign visitors.

Avenida, Infante D. Henrique
Armazem. A.
Tel. 218.820.890
This once old customs warehouse on the banks of the Tigus is night time complex various clubs including dance on the lower floors to the bars above and the outdoor terrace.  You can wander from one to the other immersing yourself in disco, techno, garage and house sounds by DJ's and live bands.

B. Leza

50 Lago do Conde Bar-o
Tel. +351.21.396.3735
African club located in a warehouse near the Tagus river.  Although the specialty is live music from Cape Verde there are ofen bands from Angola, Mozambique and Brazil.

Alto Bar
Travessa dos FiessDeus, 33-31
Dance with a young crowd after getting your fruity, slushy drink from '50s-style juice mixers.

Club 43
Rua da Barroca, 43
Meet a diverse crowd for drinks and casual conversation.

Quatro Estaciones
Rua da Barroca, 60A
One of the city's more tranquil nightspots, where speaking won't strain your vocal chords.

Rua da Atalaia, 105
Tel 213.469.578
This is the gayest of the "straight" clubs. Or better yet, this is Lisbon's "straight-friendly" gay club. Predominantly gay on weekends, this is one of the oldest and hippest nightspots in the city.
A diverse crowd dances until 4am.

Avenida 24 de Julho, 68
Tel 213.957.101
An upscale crowd, a chic look and a terrace that's perfect for summer nights.

Escadinhas da Praia, 5
Tel 213.957.101
A unique club that opens at 6am, that, according to the doorman, attracts anyone from "dukes to drug addicts, club kids, artists, prostitutes, politicians - you name it."

Rua da Imprensa National 104B
Tel. +35 1 213.951.135
Very lively Gay dance club with two dance floors.  Drag shows are spirited and quite popular with the locals and tourists alike.

Cinco Lounge
Rua Ruben A. Leitao 17
Tel. +35 1 213.424.033
Unusual concoctions make up the 40 page drink list.  Try the beetroot margaritas with coriander.