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You have come so far, Ibiza. From hippy hideaway to mega-club Mecca and back again, this destination has always been at once contemporary and timeless. Explore the island on foot and discover dozens of hidden beaches and coves, then party with your best 1,000 friends at Privilege, Eden, or El Divino in Eivissa (Ibiza Town) and throughout the southern shore. Or, simply listen to the beat of drums and flutes while swapping stories with your fellow travelers in the more laid-back, bohemian northern area. Whichever way you enjoy Ibiza, plan on sleeping as little as possible, eating world-class seafood, and meeting fascinating characters.

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Catredal de Santa Maria de Ibiza
Plaza de la Catedral
Eivissa (Ibiza Town)
Tel. 34.971.312.774

It’s not all fun and parties on Ibiza – it’s amazing history, too. This ancient cathedral, built in the 13th century, has sections built in both gothic and baroque styles. There is a huge cross more than 600 years old made of gold and silver. Mass is held on Sunday. Otherwise, it’s open from 10 to 1. It’s Located in the Dalt Vila (Old Town) section of Eivissa.

Cova de Can Marca
A few miles north of the town of San Miguel, on the north side of the island, is an amazing sea cave complex. Too many visitors come here but it’s worth the trip, even with the crowds. Start with beautiful panoramic views of the bay of San Miguel and descend into artificially lit rooms of cascading water beds. Tours leave every half hour from 11 am to 1:30 and 3 to 5:530 pm.


Las Salinas
Venture south past Eivissa and its crowded beaches to Las Salinas. Here, one finds more quiet as well as plenty of nudity, especially at Playa Cavallet, an officially clothes free spot (nudity is rampant). This is the “in” beach where exclusive clubs play the best music. The area surrounding the crystal blue waters is a protected wildlife refuge. At sunset, venture to the nearby salt lakes, where locals once harvested “white gold” from evaporated water.

Aguas Blancas
The name means “white water” After seeing how light the blue waters are, you’ll see why this out of the way, northern beach got its name. The high Mediterranean cliffs by the sands give some appreciated shade after a hard night of partying. It is a mere half mile to the north from San Carlos.

The fish is fantastic. Good restaurants are plentiful and easy to come by.

El Corsario
Carrer Ponent 5 (Eivissa)
Tel 970.301.248

This is one of the most romantic restaurants you may ever dine at. Located in a 400 year old villa, El Corsario has fantastic, homestyle Spanish cuisine – especially the lamb and seafood – to go with stunning views. You must hike about 500 feet up a cobblestone street toward the fortress to get here, but it’s worth it. Reservations are essential.

Casi Todo Café
Santa Gertrudis
Tel. 34.971.197.523
Located next to an antique shop and auction house, this café is a great place to get away from the beach crowds and enjoy a lazy lunch of French/Spanish cuisine. Check out the classic car club on the second Sunday morning of the month. 

Las Dos Lunas
Carretera Eivissa km. 5.4 (San Rafael)
Tel. 34.971.198.102

This is the favorite exclusive restaurant of the Spanish high rollers and the aging rock stars who have made tourism here so ubiquitous. Perfect Italian cooking in a dream like garden setting can be had at this out of the way spot on the road between the two major towns, San Antonio and Eivissa.

Bambuddha Grove
Carretera San Juan
Tel. 34.971.197.510
Specializing in “MedditerAsian” cuisine, this south Asian-themed restaurant and bar is a chilled out oasis, so chill they offer there own line of relaxing electronica CD’s, all some of the best techno on the island. Chill in the Khajuraho Lounge and feel why the hippies loved congregating here. 

Hippy Market - Las Dalias
San Carlos

There are hippie markets spread throughout the island, a remnant of the 1970’s heyday for Ibiza’s hippie culture. Pick up all kinds of wonderful handmade clothes and jewelry from Mali, Borneo and all corners of the hippie universe.

Det Det
Calle Bisbe Azara 4 (Eivissa)
Tel. 34.971.199.582
Get a taste of the best fashions in Scandinavia at this new boutique. Bruuns Bazaar, Munthe plus Simonsen, Rutzou and Arena are featured.

Vincente Cuervo 8 (Eivissa)
Tel. 34.971.311.271

The rose-themed storefront is eye catching. Step inside this shoe shop and indulge in Italian as well as Ibiza designers. Art, Bunker and DKNY are also featured.

Hippy Market – Punta Arabi
Es Canar
A few kilometers north of Santa Eulalia on the northeast corner of the island, this is the larger hippy market, but perhaps less authentic as it’s at the Punta Arabi resort. Handmade jewelry, leather and silver products are found here. This is a bit more commercial than the Las Dalias Hippy Market.

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Ibiza Restaurants
If you know what town you want to eat in, this website is good, but there are no other criteria to sort restaurants by. Still, it’s the most comprehensive restaurant list on the island.

Ibiza Voice
“Hype, lies and gossip” is what this site claims to be all about. It is the official e-zine of the club scene. Listen to more than a dozen DJ’s music and view a detailed calendar of which DJ’s are playing where.

Please check your sensibilities of day and night and right and wrong at the door if you want to tumble in Ibiza’s mega-clubs. But for a more laid back experience, get back to the island’s hippie roots (in northern Ibiza) and join a drum circle.

Apdo. De Correos
Tel. 34.971.198.160
Privilege needs no introduction: it’s the world’s biggest nightclub with a capacity of 10,000 partiers, according to the 2001 Guinness Book of World Records. Formerly known as Ku, you ought to check out this place once during your stay, just to say you’ve been there. After that, there is no real reason to come back. Nevertheless, this space ship on top of the hill between San Antonio and Ibiza is quite a sight when thousands are packed in it.

Avenida 8 d’Agost (Eivissa)
Tel. 34.971.313.600
This one is somewhat less touristy than Privilege, although it has completely grown out of the Mediterranean farmhouse it was built in back in ’73. Its haphazard growth has given it 15 bars, a restaurant and sushi bar, plus a nice terrace overlooking Eivissa. This one is open year round and is part of a global group of clubs numbering more than 20.

Las Dalias
Carretera de San Carlos Km. 12 (San Carlos)
Tel. 34.971.335.156

The social center of the village of San Carlos, Las Dalias is the place for the hippie or the curious. Since the late 70’s many rock bands have come through here and recorded at “Estudios Mediterranean.” While you won’t catch the Rolling Stones, you may catch some eclectic flute or sitar players jamming for patrons sucking on hookah pipes. Come on Wednesday night for the namaste party and stay for the trance party after midnight.