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Spotlight on: Split, Hvar and Brac

Simply put, the scenic beauty, rich history and delicious food of the Dalmatian Coast is not to be missed. On the eastern Adriatic Sea and southern Croatia, it is comprised of large coastal cities and small islands. Split, the second largest city in Croatia, is the main hub of the Dalmatian Coast with its huge marina and easy access to numerous islands. But don't sail off to the islands right away; spend a few nights in Split and travel back in time through Diocletian's Palace, a Roman palace built in the fourth century that today highlights the limestone structure by housing shops, boutiques, restaurants and bars. Then, hop on a ferry--or sailboat or yacht--to the island of Hvar, which logs the most hours of sunshine per year in all of Europe. With sprawling lavender fields and the cultural center of the island, Hvar Town, quickly becoming a "must" for all travelers, Hvar is a magnificent place to relax on a beach, sip a cup of coffee beside the harbor or drink a cocktail while looking onto the crystal blue Adriatic Sea. Next, make your way through the Hvar Channel to the island of Brac, which not only has delicious home-grown products such as olive oil, wine, sour cherries and almonds, but is also home to one of the world's most famous beaches, The Golden Horn. So sit back, relax and cruise around the Dalmatian Coast.

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Diocletian Palace
A visit to Split is not complete without a visit to this central palace. Built initially as a retirement palace for the Emperor Diocletian in 305 A.D., the palace is now home to beautiful ruins accessible by four gates (Gold, Silver, Brass, and Iron). Ramble around the old complex and see the Temple of Jupiter and the St. Duje Cathedral to get some idea of how much history lies within the walls. Tours can be arranged through any hotel concierge which may be a good idea just to get the full effect of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Exit out of the Bronze gate to enter onto the Riva: the main promenade that follows the ocean coast.

Mestrovic Gallery
Setaliste Ivana Mestrovica 46
Tel. 021.358.450
Built initially as the summer home for Croatia’s famous artist, the Mestrovic Gallery in Split is now home to hundreds of his creations along with the art that he and his heirs have collected. The Gallery also provides a pretty nice display on the life and work of Ivan Mestrovic—great if you’re looking to immerse yourself in a little Croatian culture!


Viking Diving Center
Podstine bb, 21450
Run by the Petrinovic family, this diving center is one of the best in Hvar.  With Hvar's clear waters and sunny skies, a great way to spend a day--or two, or three or four--is scuba diving in the Adriatic Sea.

The Pjaca
Hvar Town

The town square of Hvar Town (Hvar Island's biggest town and main tourist attraction), the Pjaca is made entirely of limestone and is surrounded not only by the beautiful harbor but also a Renaissance arch and clock tower.  It is the town center of Hvar and a must for anyone traveling to this majestic island.


Nautic Center Bol
Marka Marulica 3
Tel. +385.21.635.367
This comprehensive Nautical Center in Bol offers every water excursion from speet boat tours to big game fishing to rafting and scuba diving.  Take a dip in the Adriatic Sea with these experienced guides.

Golden Horn Beach

The most famous beach on Brac, Zlatni Rat ("Golden Horn") constantly changes shape because of the wind.  That being said, it is perfectly safe to sun bathe and use as a starting out point for all your water sport needs.  So sit back and relax on this v-shaped pink beach that juts right out into the Adriatic Sea.


Restoran Boban
Hektoroviceva 49
Tel. 098.205.575
Elegance is the word at this established restaurant. The kitchen serves up traditional Croatian fare including an abundance of fresh seafood and delicately roasted meats. Look out for dishes that include delectable Istrian truffles—yummy and decadent.

Adriatic Graso
Uvala Baluni
Tel. 021.398.560
Owned by the father of one of Croatia’s most famous pop stars, Adriatic Grašo is the hip dining spot in Split, attracting famous athletes, politicians, and singers alike. Star-power aside, this restaurant offers the opportunity to dine on the freshest seafood while enjoying breathtaking views of the Adriatic. Whether you eat out on the terrace or inside next to the wall made up entirely of floor-to-ceiling windows, you are sure to have a delicious and languorous meal, fueled by the slow-food movement and wonderful Croatian wines.


Dordota Vartal
+385 (0)21-743-077
Križna luka 8, 21 450
Meaning "George's Garden," Dodorta Vartal is next to the Franciscan monastery and offers views of the Adriatic Sea and Hvar Island.  The garden terrace set atop the hill from the Pjaca is a great way to spend a relaxing evening with a fantatic Dalmatian cuisine.

Zlatna Skoljka
Petra Hektorovica 8
Zlatna Skoljka is an intimate restaurant the practices the philosophy of slow food.  With fresh, local ingredients cooked and prepared right before your eyes in the open kitchen, you are sure to have a refreshing and relaxing dining experience while gnawing on some of the island's best seafood.

Hektoroviceva bb
Tel. +385 (91) 277.0772
Mediterranean fusion with a great local wine list.

Konoba Luna
Petra Hektorovica 5
Tel. 021-741-400

Just off the Pjaca on a quiet pedestrian street, Konoba Luna has fantastic crustaceans with personal, friendly service in an intimate environment. 


Frane Radića 14 - 21420
Phone +385 21 635 911
This rustic tavern sits just a few short meters away from the coast and offers traditional Dalmation cuisine, namely seafood and meats.

Konoba Tomic
Michieli - Tomić d.o.o. Gornji Humac
Tel.+385 (0) 21 647 242
With their wheats, wines, breads and oils all made on the premises and their vegetables  hand-picked from their garden, you know what you're eating is fresh.  This town is extremely small, so this may be your only experience in Gornji Humac, but it is certainly an authentically Brac one.


Located on the Monastery beach in Bol, this quaint restaurant is housed in a restored fisherman's house with a relaxing ambiance.  Like most other restuarants on the island, this own serves up great seafood and great meat.


In Split, you will find delightful little shops, galleries, and antique shops crowding the alleyways of the palace. Cool retreats in the summer, you’ll find perfect little trinkets to bring home—just don’t expect huge department stores and complexes: it’s all about the town aesthetic, not the town commerce.


Hvar Island has a long history of cultivating lavander fields, and during the months of June, July and August, the lavender blossoms are in full bloom.  The local markets and street vendors in the Pjaca of Hvar Town are the best and easiest way to get a beautifully scented lavender lotion or perfume.

Lavandula Hvar
(385) 91-543-5665
Specializing in everything lavender, Lavandula Hvar is a great shop to  satisfy all your lavender needs.


The major farming products on Island Brac are olive oil, wine, sour cherries and almonds, which are sold at boutiques and markets throughout the island.


Be forewarned: the bars below are both located within the Diocletian palace and there is a strictly 1A.M. Old Town curfew. If you want to party all night long, a better bet would be to head to Bacvice Beach where bars abound and the music keeps pumping far longer into the night.

Puls 2
Buvinina 1 (inside Diocletian’s palace)
The place to go if you're looking to hang out in the old town insde Diocletian's Palace. Trendy locals and visitors in-the-know kick back cocktails on the steps. Hang out on the terrace or head indoors for some tunes.

Academia Ghetto Club
Dosud 10
Tel. 021.346.879
The place to go if you’re looking for a cultured night out with great ambiance and a solid drink list, the AGC has a ton of options. Enjoy your cocktail in the bar, on the dance floor, in the garden, or in the gallery space, you are sure to find an atmosphere for you at this Split nighttime staple.


Carpe Diem
21450 Hvar
(385) 21742 369
Located on the harbor in Hvar Town, this hip night spot combines local Hvar residents, Croatians, backpackers and jetsetters.  The cocktail hour ambiance is relaxed and low key--decidedly muted compared to the raucus atmosphere of the late night hours.  But with beautiful views of the Pjaca, sailboats and yachts in the harbor, the Adriatic Sea and the Franciscan monastery on top of the hill, when you come to Hvar, you must seize the day and go to Carpe Diem.

The Arsenal Bar
Pjaca bb

Both on the harbor and in the center of the Pjaca, the Arsenal Bar is a classy affair complete with live music and harbor-front views.  Enjoy a cocktail here with your sweet heart before reitring to bed.


Summer Club Luna
Najave događanja za
Tel. 091 23 55 777
Located just outside the town of Supetar on Island Brac, Summer Club Luna is an open air club and restaurant.  The club is often packed with both people and House music, and if you love to dance, this is the club for you.

Cocktail Bar Varadero
Tel. 635-996

Cocktail Bar Varadero is a great place to grab before or after dinner.  With cute tiki huts outside on the terrace, it's a great place for to enjoy a beautiful evening and do some people-watching.