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The cliffs of Capri have always been the place to get away from it all. It was rumored  that if Emperor Tiberius was not pleased with his concubines, he simply would throw them off the cliffs. And while celebs, politicians, and artists have been visiting Capri since Roman times, their idea of "getting away" has been a little less deadly. There are just enough historic ruins to see and keep you busy for a short time between beautiful shopping and superb Caprese dining. La Dolce Vita does not get much better. One thing we are certain of is the views from Capri’s cliffs are truly dramatic and inspiring and should not be missed--just look out behind you.

ClassicTravel has been sending clients to Capri for the past 35 years. Our online guide not only has the best restaurants and shopping on it but we have provided links to the best hotels on Capri so you can see for yourself.  If you like what you see you can book our favorite hotels right here. We like the Punta Tragara because is set in a secluded Capri location with spectacular views and right above the Fontenlina beach club.

If it’s important for you to be literally on top of the best shops in Capri then book the Grand Quisisana or JK Place, the newest luxury hotel. The public rooms, terraces and pool area are some of the best on the island.  The rooms are very well appointed and most have great views.  No matter where you decide to stay every traveler should spend time, at least once in their life, on one of the most unique and beautiful islands in the world. 

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La Fontelina
Località Faraglioni
80073 Capri (Napoli)
Tel. +39 081-837-0845
Set on the beautiful rocks of Faraglioni, this is a sight not to be missed. La Fontelina is a stunning bathing place. Enjoy hands-down the best lunch in Capri. Make sure you make a reservation, though, as everyone is getting the same advice to visit! One other thing. The walk along the Via Tragara is spectacular and so is the decent on a switch back path that brings you to the  Fontelina.  Be sure to wear good walking shoes or sneakers.  You can also take a boat to or from the Marina Picolo. Our suggestion is to walk there and take the boat back.  Plan on spending at least one day at Fontelina.

The Blue Grotto
 Probably the most famous attraction of the island, the Blue Grotto or Azzurra Grotta is truly an unforgettable site. It is reached by boat or by taxi (if coming from Anacapri).  Access into the grotto is on a smaller boat. This infamous sea cave boasts magnificent tones of blue that demand attention. Depending on the tide you will be able to travel inside and take a look at this natural wonder.  If possible do this memorable excursion when its not busy. 

La Piazzetta
Also known as Piazza Umberto I, La Piazzetta is the center of the island for everyone. Home to the tourist office, newsagent, townhall, as well as numerous bars and restaurants, this is the focal point for island social life. Paved in volcanic stone and surrounded by bright yellow and white walls, you will find an eclectic crowd enjoying the outdoor cafes.

Faraglioni Rocks
One of the more mysterious attractions to the island, The Faraglioni Rocks can be visited by boat. The Faraglione di Mezzo is the famed natural tunnel that has become known worldwide. Native to these rocks is a rare variety of blue lizard which is said to have assumed the rich blue tones of the sea and sky through adaptation.

Walk to the end of Via Camerelle and find yourself on Via Tragara, a road dating back to Roman times. You will find the road lined with hotels, fancy restaurants, and villas amid lush landscapes. Buildings to note on this historic road are the German Evangelical Church, Villa Discopoli, and Villa Lo Studio. Make sure to head all the way to the end of the road where a lovely terrace awaits giving you a spectacular view of the Faraglioni Rocks.

Villa San Michele
This villa was the home of Swedish doctor Axel Munthe from 1896 to 1910.  Be sure to see and the views are spectacular.  Time appropriately and stop at the Capri Palace Hotel for cocktails and an amazing sunset. (You have to walk past Capri Palace Hotel to get to the Museum)

Marina Piccola
The Marina Piccola can be reached by bus, taxi, or foot along Via Mulo. Find yourself in the small square inches away from the Church of St. Andrea. Follow the steps down to “Scoglio delle Sirene” which serves as a divider for two different bays, Marina di Pennauro and Marina di Mulo. Here you will find places to enjoy the sun as well as places to sail a boat.

Island Tour
A tour around the island is an absolute must. No views are as breathtaking as those seen from all angles around Capri. So hire a guide or rent a boat and set sail for a truly once in a lifetime experience.

The Caves
Explore the wonders of Capri by taking a boat into the caves. The caves of Capri are known  as secondary caves as their formation follows that of the mother rock. A truly amazing site, this is a must-do while visiting this prime destination island.

Terrazza Brunella
Via Tragara
(On right side just before Hotel Punta Tragara)
The walk from the center (Piazzetta) takes about 12 minutes and it is a beautiful one. Brunella is one of the most romantic restaurants to dine at on Capri.  It it on the right side right before the Hotel Punta Tragara and it has beautiful views, gorgious  flower arrangements and wonderful soft music heard on a great sound system. Try to get a table by the window as the view is drop dead.   Reservations are a must!

Ristorante Aurora
Via Fuorlovado, 18/22
Tel. +39.081.837.0181
Take a seat at one of Capri’s oldest restaurants and pizzerias. This family owned restaurant has been managed for three generations offering Mediterranean and Neapolitan cuisine. Chef Franco  Aversa adds his own creative flair making this restaurant a “must-go.” Let’s not forget the wine of  course, but how can we? The wine cellar here houses over 300 labels belonging to the most highly-acclaimed producers in Italy.  This has become one of Capri's favorites so reservations in advance are a must.

Da Giorgio

Via Roma, 34
80073 Capri
Tel. +39.081.837.0898
Always busy...make sure you reserve and request a table with a window view!
With a view of  Naples, this Capri staple serves up the freshest seafood in innovative Caprese style dishes. The pastas, of course are always great, but try the chicken.  You know it's good as it's always filled with locals.

Il Riccio
Ana Capri
This recent addition is owned by the famed Capri Palace Hotel in AnaCapri. This restaurant and beach club is better known for lunch then dinner and getting there is half the fun.  You can go by taxi or by boat (charter a small boat with friends and tell captain to make this your lunch stop)  The restaurant is beautiful and so is the food. If going taxi from the main square of AnaCapri, it takes about 20 minutes through a winding but very pretty road.

Via Camerelle 75
Tel +39.081.837.0320

Set in an old stone-sided building at least 150 years old, this seafood restaurant is just close enough to the Piazzetta to make the walk interesting but not too long.  In nice weather, the tables are set along side the main street giving this restaurant a quaint and authentic atmosphere. European specialties are prepared in combination with seafood from the surrounding waters. Try the seafood crepes, linguine with lobster, or the fisherman’s risotto.
La Capannina
Via Le Botteghe, 12/14
80073 Capri,Italy
Tel. +39 081-837-0732
This family owned restaurant is situated in the heart of the historic center of Capri. Less pretentious then some of the other glitzy eateries around, La Capannina was once "the" place to dine. It may have lost some of its glitter but still a Capri staple. There are three dining room spaces that are connected with tavern-style décor. In the summer, request to be seated in the courtyard where hanging vines and ferns create a pleasant dining ambiance. The Mediterranean-style menu offers a host of delights, most notably the zuppa de pesce and the ravioli alla caprese. Don’t forget the wine, as La Capannina offers an extensive wine list of over 200 labels. 

La Fontelina
Località Faraglioni
80073 Capri (Napoli)
Tel. +39 081-837-0845
lunch only - Best food in Capri
Set on the beautiful rocks of Faraglioni, this is a sight not to be missed. La Fontelina is a stunning bathing place. Enjoy hands-down the best lunch in Capri. Make sure you make a reservation, though, as everyone is getting the same advice to visit! Even the mega-yachts unload find there way here to unload their zillionaires for a few hours.  One other thing. Fontelina is at the bottom of switch back path so be sure to wear good walking shoes or sneakers.  You can also take a boat to or from the Marina Picolo. 

Via G. Orlandi 140
Tel. +39 (0) 81.837.3375

Boasting a fabulous position right in the heart of the historic center of Anacapri, the Materita is situated just off the square in front of the Church of Santa Sofia.  It's a bit of a walk but the ambiance of the old Italy you've seen in the movies is well worth it and the food is terrific.
Le Grottelle
Via Arco Naturale
80073 Capri (Napoli)
Tel. +39 081-837-5719
Nestled beside an awe-inspiring natural rock formation, La Grottelle has an atmosphere of exclusivity and quiet. The restaurant occupies naturally-formed caves and hollows--the atmosphere alone is worth the trip up the many-staired path. Dine outside on the terrace for ridiculous views of the Amalfi coast.  It's a hike to get here so we reccommend for lunch as part of after nature walk.

Villa Verde Ristaurant Pizzeria
Vico Sella Orta, 6
80073 Capri
Tel. +39 081-837-7024
Located just off the main piazza, Villa Verde has a stunning garden patio where diners can enjoy the very best of Caprese cuisine with family and friends. Delicious brick-oven pizza and delectable seafood laid delicately over pasta populate the menu that has nothing but the best.

Da Paolina
Via Palazzo a Mare 11
Tel. +39.081.837.6102
Find yourself dining in a lemon grove and enjoying good Caprese cuisine on the island. Indulge in everything from a caprese salad to the rigatoni pasta with sautéed pumpkin flowers. Everyone seems to make it here at least once.  You have to take a taxi from the main square but the ambiance is worth the trip.

Via Capidomonte 2/b
Ana Capri
Tel. +39.081.978.0111
This restaurant (only restaurant on Capri with not one but two Michelin stars) is located in the beautiful Capri Palace Hotel and is a must for anyone seeking gourmet cuisine. This is not the place to go for a quick meal and with the prices they charge you should plan the whole evening around it.  Be sure to arrive early enough to enjoy a cocktail on the hotel's exquisite outdoor terrace.

Russo Capri
Federico serena, 8/10
80073 Capri
Tel. +39 081-838-8200
The brand RUSSO CAPRI has its origins in the ancient artisinal work of Capri. Home to luscious silks, cashmeres, and lisle polos, Russo Capri offers the very best in luxury shopping.

Carthusia-Profumi di Capri
Via Camerelle 10
Tel. 081.837.0368
Located on Capri’s luxury shopping street, this shop specializes in perfume made from local herbs and flowers. This shop has been around since 1948 attracting high-profile clientele, even Elizabeth Taylor herself!

L’Arte del Sandolo Caprese
Via Orlando 75
Tel. 081.837.3583
An absolute must-do while visiting this island is to have a pair of sandals made. There are several shops around where this can be done, but the most famous sandal-maker of Capri is Antonio Viva. Jackie O and Sophia Loren used to purchase sandals at this shop!

La Perla Gioielli
Piazza Umberto I 21
Tel. 081.837.0641

Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry! The jewelers here work exclusively with gold and gems to create  anything to your liking. Established in 1936, this is the most prestigious jeweler on the island.

Limoncello di Capri
Via Roma 79
Tel. 081.837.5561
Limoncello is the trademark of Capri. Used as an aperitif or digestive, Limoncello is a liqueur  developed several generations ago by the Canali family. You will find limoncello and limoncello products sold almost everywhere. Often beautifully packaged, it makes a great gift for family or friends!

Via Roma, 73
80073 Capri
Tel. +39 081-837-4854
The Capri branch of this store also has sisters in Milan and New York. Come for the furniture made with natural fibers and inspired by the colors of the stunning Mediterranean sea. This beatuiful boutique stocks housewares galore if coming home with furniture isn't your goal--pick up one of their maison-influenced lamps or mirrors. How can you resist taking a little bit of Capri home with you?

100 Percent Capri
Via fuorlovado, 29
80073 Capri
Tel. +39 081-837-7561
100 Percent Capri offers the discerning shopper the very best in linen. Choose from all types of home furnishings (from sheets to tablecloths) but the real draw is the exquisite men's and women's clothing (all linen and white, khaki and chocolate.) This boutique has other branches in Rome and St. Barts, but we always think its best to go to the source. It's difficult to walk by this store without going inside. This is true resort wear at it's finast.

Mariorita Store
Piazza Vittoria
80071 Anacapri
Tel. +39 081 837-1426
This store is the largest single store in Anacapri and is located right next to the Capri Palace Hotel. With a wide variety of international designers--an obvious focused placed on the Italian genius of Valentino, Missoni, and others--Mariorita is the perfect place to do your luxe shopping. They also carry several lines of native Naples and Amalfi coast goods that are hand-crafted and absolutely stunning--perfect gifts to bring home for friends!

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At night Capri is all about seeing and being seen and there are two places that stand out as the best.  One is the Piazetta.  This is the main square and there are four outdoor cafes from where you can watch the comings and goings of all, including the locals. The other is the terrace of the Hotel Quisisana.  It may be a bit expensive but the show is great.
Anema E Core
Via Sella Orta, 39/e - 80073
Tel. +39.081.837.6461
Possibly one of the most famous nightclubs on the island of Capri, and yet all the action lies behind an unassuming door in the city center. Come to Anema e Core to rub elbows with the famous and to be entranced by the famous Guido, singer to the stars and crooner of Neopolitan and Latin American tunes.

O Guarracino - taverna
Via Castello, 7
Tel. +39.081.837.0514

One of the classic old-time Capri hotspots, O Guarracino is the place to go for delicious food, drinks, and the best of traditional Neopolitan guitar music. Located on the site of a 17th century olive press, O Guarracino is full of local flavor. Definitely the place to go to experience a relazing Capri night out on the town.

Panta Rei
Via lo Palazzo 1
Tel. +39.081.837.8898
Come here during the day to enjoy hot turkish baths, and experience a variety of soothing spa treatments, Stay until nighttime to grab a delicious vegetarian feast and quickly undo all the good of the day by indulgind in one of their deadly cocktails. An odd combination, to be sure, a bar and a spa, but who's complaining when there's a onestop shop for a massage and a cocktail?

Pulalli Wine Bar
Piazza Umberto I, 4
Tel. +39.081.837.4108

Pulalli Wine Bar is right underneath the clocktower in the always-busy Piazza Umberto 1, affectionately known as La Piazzetta. It's the perfect place to enjoy tapas and a glass of wine while taking in the Capri scene and watching tourists and locals alike stroll around this beautiful city.