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Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids of Giza
Tel. +20 (0) 2.385.7320

Experience the pyramids the way only a few have. Offered in six languages, the show takes each audience member through a visual and auditory retelling of the vast history of the mammoth structures. The demonstration takes place nightly and private showings of 100 people or more are available with a reservation. Known to the natives as the "arafa," the City of the Dead is a true spectacle. Like no place on Earth, this somewhat eerie area houses hundreds of thousands of Egyptians, with a hefty portion living inside tombs and others still residing in makeshift homes where tombs once stood.

The Townhouse Gallery
Hussein el Me'mar Pasha off Mahmoud Basyouni, Downtown
Tel. +20 (0) 2.576.8600

Want to see the cutting edge of contemporary Arab arts? The Townhouse Gallery is a multi-dimensional complex devoted to exhibition space, film screenings, experimental music and public lectures.

Egyptian Museum 
Midan al Tahrir
Tel. +20 (0) 578.2448
Built in 1897, this museum contains over 107 halls filled with artifacts from varying periods in Egyptian history.  Here you’ll find statues, ancient coins, centuries-old scrolls and a handful of precious scarabs worth fortunes.  The museum also lays claim to the infamous “Tutankhamun Collection,” housing all of the artifacts and treasures associated with the young king.  And yes, there are mummies too.

La Bodega
157 Shar'a 26 Yulyu (Zamalek)
Tel. +20 (0) 2.340.0543
It’s a restaurant. It’s a bar. It’s the hottest reservation in town. Located in the former Balmoral Hotel, La Bodega caters to Egypt’s A-list crowd – including celebrity actors and performers – with a unique atmosphere and dishes not easily found, such as homemade focaccia with rosemary or olives and tuna carpaccio. The high ceilings and dark oak furniture with Oriental antiques woo visitors for an encore visit.

Abou El Sid
157 Sharia 26th of July (Zamalek)
Tel. +20 (0) 2.2735.9640
Authentic Egyptian food including mezes.     

The Fish Market
26 Shar'a al-Nil (Giza)
Tel. +20 (0) 2.570.9694

Find a fresh and unique dining experience at the west bank of the Nile. The Fish Market is a boat permanently moored in the great river. It has no menu: Patrons instead choose from a fresh seafood spread laid out before them and the cooks prepare it on site.

5 Sharia Sayed (al-Bakry)
Tel. +20 (0) 2.738.0080
If what’s needed is a break from the kofta and kebab restaurants the city is so famous for, visit L’Aubergine. Expatriates and worldly Cairenes alike enjoy the vegetarian flair at this Mediterranean-themed restaurant/bar. While there are some meat dishes, “mezzes” dominate the cool and sophisticated atmosphere.

Citadel Restaurant
Saray el Gezirah St (Zamalek)
Tel. +20 (0) 2.735.6730 or +20 (0) 2.510.9151

An ancient garbage dump turned park, Al Azhar Park is the ground on which the beautiful Citadel sits.  Traditional Egyptian fare and Um Ali, a raisin bread pudding, are the specialties here. The honey-colored limestone building will relax the congestion-weary visitor, as will a walk through the 74-acre park after the meal. No alcholic beverages.

Khan al-Khalili (Medieval Market)
"Incredible." It's the only word to describe this 700 year-old bazaar that still sees droves of shoppers daily. Located on the east bank of the Nile River, the bazaar established Cairo as a center of trade in 1382 and continues to do so today. The Khan al-Khalili marketplace has no central structure but rather is made up of hundreds of unique shops each with something great to offer.

Camel Bazaar
You probably aren’t going to buy one of these “ships of the desert,” but the Camel Bazaar west of the city is still a unique slice of any Cairo experience. The bazaar is held Friday mornings. Go early.

Other Bazaars to see:
The Wekalat al-Balah is the fabric bazaar; Muhammad Ali Street is for musical instruments; Mahmoud Abd El Ghaffar in the Khan Al-Khalili is for belly dancing costumes.

Quick Bargaining Tips:

Halve the asking price immediately.

Accepting tea from vendors is customary and a nice gesture, but it doesn’t mean you have to buy.

If the vendor doesn’t waver on the price, walk away--he will quickly drop the price.

Al Ahram Weekly
Weekly news, culture, books and more. Get in touch with current events and culture in Egypt.

Egypt Today 
Monthly features, news and Egyptian culture.

Egyptian Tourist Authority
Misr Travel Tower, Abbassia Sq.
Tel. +20 (0) 2.285.4509
Official tourist authority of Egypt.

53 Abou El Feda St
Tel. +20 (0) 2.2735.0014
This cafe on the Nile has great ambiance and with the sail like awnings you feel like your on a felucca.      

El Fishawy
5 Sikkit Khan al-Khalili
Night or day, this is a quintessential Cairo café. Enjoy a cup of tea with fresh mint leaves, while watching the world go by in the heart of the Khan al-Khalili bazaar.

Cairo Jazz Club
197 Shar'a 26 Yulyu, next to 15th of May Bridge (Mohandiseen)
Tel. +20 (0) 2.345.9939
Mixing Arab and Western styles, the jazz club has live music six nights a week, each night having its own theme. Egyptian folk, classic vocal and piano jazz, as well as belly dancers can be found here (not to mention a full dinner menu for those late-night diners).

Windows on the World
Ramses Hilton, 1115 Corniche al-Nil (Downtown)
Tel. +20 (0) 2.575.8000
Breathtaking views of the entire city wait on the 30th floor of the Ramses Hilton. Live jazz or pop takes over at 10 pm. Reserve a table during a desert sunset and watch the golden light envelope this ancient city.

Al-Gezira Sheraton
Al-Gezira Island
Tel. +20 (0) 2.341.1333

One of Cairo’s premier nightspots, Rumours also boasts fantastic views of the Nile to the south. Enjoy international cuisine, a variety of unusual liqueurs not found anywhere else in the city and some incredible international music acts.