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What’s not to love about a Caribbean island with twelve miles of 33 powdery, white sand beaches on the coast of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea?  The luxury accommodations on the island are all within minutes of the picturesque temperate turquoise waters where you can sunbathe and swim on the near-private beaches.  With more than 70 restaurants on the island, Anguilla is also known for its delectable fine dining options.  You need to try the grilled lobster or fresh conch when in Anguilla—it’s a local fav—and be sure to check out the multiple eateries that fuse Caribbean food with French and Asian influences.  At night, watch the sunset with your sweetie while on sand that looks and feels like powdered sugar.  And while you’re at it, you might as well have some fun, some rum and a little bit of reggae on your Caribbean getaway.

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Schoal Bay Scuba
Shoal Bay East
Tel. 264.497.4371
Located on the pristine Schoal Bay East beach, Schoal Bay Scuba has more dive sites in a 15-20 minute boat ride than other location on Anguilla.  Hop on board with these experienced divers and explore some of the nicest waters on Earth.

Anguillian Divers
Tel. 264.235.7742

Anguillian divers takes you around the island to survey the shipwrecks and reefs while this multilingual dive school offers trips for everyone from novice to master.

Alak Art Galleries
Shoal Bay East Road
Tel. 264.497.7270

As part of the development of  “new Anguilla,” local artist and art teacher Louise Brooks opened this art gallery in 2007 near Shoal Bay Beach.  The gallery showcase traditional Anguillian scenery—including beaches, houses and flowers—but also houses metal work, woodwork, pottery and bags. 

Moksha House
Tel. 264.729.4055
This 20-person yoga meditation hall is nestled away from the tourist spots and provides peace and serenity in a beautiful, rustic space.  Moksha House is a beacon of calm—it’s aligned so the moon and stars are constantly present—which not only hosts yoga retreats, workshops or private sessions, but also offers shiatsu massage.

Shoal Bay West Beach
Shoal Bay West

Come to Shoal Bay West Beach if you enjoy a more private beach experience, as this one is definitely more secluded than the other beaches in Anguilla.  It’s also a great beach for snorkeling and swimming and is known to have some of the best sunsets on the island.

Cove Bay Beach
Cove Bay

Sandwiched between Rendezvous Bay and Maundays Bay, Cove Bay Beach serves local cuisine, which is a favorite among children.  A perfect family beach with moderate surf, check out this stunning location on the west end of the island.

Rendezvous Beach
As the name suggests, this is a lover’s beach.  It’s also the longest beach on the island, so take a stroll with your sweetie while watching the sunset over the mountains of St. Marten and the Atlantic Ocean.

Maundays Bay
The shallow, glasslike waters of Maundays Bay complement the long, wide, white sand beach.  Spend an afternoon here and it’s hard not to be as calm as the water.

Tasty’s Restaurant
1430 South Hill
Tel. 264.497.2737

Get a taste of traditional Anguillian food with Chef Dale Carty’s delicious menu.  A favorite among locals and tourists alike, Tasty’s serves up spicy banana rum sauce, goat stew and some of the freshest fish on the island.  

Meads Bay
Tel. 264.497.6100
Bob and Melinda Blanchard have created one of the most magical places to eat in all of the Caribbean.  Not only does the dining room literally have a palm tree growing through the roof, but the lush gardens on all sides of the restaurant are beautifully complemented by the ocean, just a few steps away.  The only thing better than the scenery perhaps, is the food itself.  Fusing Caribbean, Mediterranean Asian and American cuisine, Blanchards is a must when visiting the island. 

Palm Grove Bar & Grill
Junks Hole, Savannah Bay
Tel. 264.235.6528

Although more casual—and secluded—than other restaurants, the food at Palm Grove Bar & Grill is still high end.  Owner Nat Richardson watches over the fresh seafood and grilled ribs while customers not only eat their way to happiness, but also take a dip in the nearby water why they wait.

KoalKeel Restaurant
The Valley
Tel. 264.497.2930
Housed in one of Anguilla’s oldest buildings, KoalKeel restaurant creates authentic local Anguillian cuisine with Asian flavors.  Sip on their Island Pea Soup with pigeon peas and homemade dumplings or taste their succulent Tandoori rack of lamb.  KoalKeel also has traditional Anguillian dishes: the crayfish ravioli and fresh snapper are some of the best dishes on the menu.  On Friday and Saturday night, the open air dining room is not only filled with sumptuous smells but also live music.

Scilly Cay Restaurant
Scilly Cay
Tel. 264.497.5123

Scilly Cay is more than just a restaurant; it’s a private island just off the coast of Island Harbor, Anguilla.  Lay out on the beautiful stretch of white sand beach while the best lobster around cooks for you in the kitchen.  Available for lunch only, this seafood restaurant should be at the top of your to-do list.

Island Harbour
Tel. 264.497.4290
Chef Raoul Rodriquez was voted chef of the year in 1997… and after tasting the menu at Hibernia, we understand why.  This fantastic French/Asia/Anguillian restaurant lives in a former West Indian cottage where the relaxed décor compliments the food.  The extensive wine list goes well with Caribbean fish filet and roasted lobster tail.

Sandy Ground
Tel. 264.498.8392
This Anguilla favorite has a wonderful wrap around terrace and a knowledgeable staff that's honest about what's best on the menu that night.

Barnes Bay
Tel. 264.497.6479
American cuisine a few steps from the edge of the sea, on the northwestern part of the island. The fresh fish, meat, and produce are grilled with a minimum of added fats or calories. All the breads and desserts, including ice cream and sorbet, are made fresh daily on the premises.


Koko's Beach Bar
Island Harbor
Tel. 264.497.3757

Stop by this family run operation for some fun, rum and reggae on Island Harbor.  The rum infused cocktails also go well with the seafood cooked up in the kitchen by the owner’s mother and mother-in-law.

The Dune Preserve
Rendezvous Bay
Tel. 264.772.9259
The Dune Preserve is a 2-acre sliver of heaven on Rendezvous Bay.  Located right on the beach with some of the best views on the island, the Dune Preserve consists of a restaurant, a nightclub and a bar.  It is owned by Bankie Banx’s, the famous reggae singer who is affectionately known as “the Anguillian Bob Dylan,” and has nightly live music (except Mondays).
Johnno's Beach Stop
Sandy Ground
Tel. 264.497.2728

The busiest time is Sunday afternoon, when it seems the entire island comes by Johnno’s Beach Stop.  Patrons drink and dance to the live music—reggae, calyhpo, soca and zouk—and often head to nearby beach afterward.

The Pumphouse
Sandy Ground
Tel. 264.497.5150
The Pumphouse is an Anguillian rocker’s paradise, complete with a roadhouse vibe, light bar snacks, and loud, live music entertaining the mostly local crowd.

Elvis Beach Bar
Tel. 264.461.0101
Elvis' Beach Bar is an actual Anguillan racing boat that was modified and shipwrecked right on the sandy beach. All kinds of great drinks are prepared with the idea of encouraging dancing,  especially on Full Moon party night.